If you are considering to guest post on Zlatanblog.com, it will be a gratification for us to have you on board. We are always keen to look for bloggers who can contribute to our blogs.We certainly need some guidelines for the guest posts that cannot be overlooked so we have some terms and conditions for you to read, understand and agree before deciding to guest blog with us.


By submitting an article to Zlatanblog.com, you acknowledge that you understand and comply with following:

  1. Plagiarism is not authorized. Guest bloggers must safeguard that sources are credited efficiently and they must bear the responsibility for plagiarism or improper citations.
  2.  We prefer that length of each blog should be between 300 to 2000 words. We may make exceptions to this at our own discretion.
  3. The content provided to us must be the original work of Guest Blogger and cannot be published anywhere else without our written consent.
  4. We may make editing to any post to ensure our adherence to the company’s values. Preceding the publishing, we will assure the blogger’s consent with the variations.
  5. Zlantanblog.com reserves the right to withhold or eliminate links within the post. This can be done without any prior notice.
  6. If the post is found to be irrelevant or need    enhancements, we will send notice to guest blogger or provide significant suggestions.
  7. You are advised to pay careful attention to spellings and grammar. Make it sure that your post is having relevancy to the subject and is easy to read.
  8. We will accept only those images or videos that will be related to the content. We reserve the right to discard any image or video and can use our own.
  9. After providing post for Zlatanblog.com, you must agree that you are in none of the ways becoming the part of website or company.
  10. We do not guarantee any specific site or audience reach.
  • Accepted file types: doc, pdf.
    Allow only Docs and pdf files
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