10 Reasons to Immigrate to Australia

Australia is becoming attractive option for number of people. There are also many reasons why people from UK, South Eastern Asia and Africa decide to moving to Australia. Australia caters its people with number of advantages that are worth immigrating there. Its strong economy, modern lifestyle and high standard of living make it one of the best countries of world for individuals and families to live in. Moreover, its breathtaking scenic landscapes, beaches and cultural diversity lure people around the world.

  • Australia is destination to the most happy people. Australia is among the top ten countries with the happiest population on the planet according to the UN happiness rating. The rating measures metrics such as social welfare rates, GDP per capita, inflation, life expectancy and freedom of choice.


  • Australia welcomes immigrants. About a third of the population here are immigrants, with one in five immigrating to Australia in the past seven years . People of different cultures come here from all over the world, so it is easy to become “your own” here.


  • Tolerant society. Due to the incredible cultural diversity of Australian society, the risk of discrimination is close to zero. In addition, same-sex marriage is permitted in Australia and the country provides safe havens for people who have suffered human rights abuses.


  • Australia has a great ecology. Australians are more satisfied with the quality of water and air in the country than anyone else in the world .


  • An opportunity to enjoy the unique nature. The flora and fauna of Australia has been forming for millions of years far from other continents: from 6,000 species of animals live in Australia, many of which do not live anywhere else on the planet. Due to the low population density and the careful attitude of Australians to nature, many unspoiled places have been preserved in Australia.


  • Free and high-quality medical care for citizens and residents. Australia has a mixed health care system, with free public and private insurance available. At the same time, the services of free medicine can be used not only by citizens, but also by immigrants with a permanent visa. At the same time, medicine in Australia is one of the best in the world along with the countries of Western Europe and North America .


  • Feeling safe. Australia is one of the safest countries in the world. This means that the level of violent crime, as well as deaths in car accidents in Australia is tending to the world minimum .


  • The whole world will be open to you. The European Union, USA, Canada and many other countries do not require visas from Australian citizens  – a compelling argument in favor of obtaining Australian citizenship.


  • Comfortable climate. Australia has a mild climate, and the number of hours of sunshine per year in some regions reaches 3000  .


  • The opportunity to take your family with you. Australian immigration policy allows immigrants to take their loved ones with them, including a life partner – even before they are officially married.


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