15 Unknown Facts about India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup

On 24th October 2021, once again in India vs Pakistan cricket match, both teams gave a challenge to each other on the field of cricket. Unfortunately, India lost by a 10-wicket margin against Pakistan. Pakistan had made a plan for this win.

Fans of India and Pakistan always want to watch the match between India and Pakistan as the match draws the most attention in both countries.

In today’s blog, we’ll discuss some amazing unknown facts about India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup Matches:

Interesting Facts about India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup

Take a look at the following section to know some interesting facts about T20 World Cup Match between India vs Pakistan:

  1. Starting March 1992 in Sydney until 24th October 2021, Pakistan won the match played on 24th October 2021. 9 total T20 matches were played between India and Pakistan and among them, India won 6 matches and Pakistan won 2 matches, and 1 match (tie, but India got points after bowl-out).
  2. Between 2007 and 2016, Pakistan and India played a total of 5 T20I world cup matches. And, in these matches, only two players Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni have participated in all 5 India-Pakistan matches.
  3. Gul Mohammad, Abdul Hafeez Kardar, and Amir Elahi were players who have played for Pakistan and India in an international cricket tournament. In 1947, when partition occurred, then they started playing for Pakistan, but before partition, they played for India.
  4. In the recent T20 match 2021, the video goes viral where fans can be seen requesting Dhoni to leave the match and give one chance to Pakistan. In a video, it can be seen that a Pakistani fangirl was saying to Rahul not to play good in the match. And, on the other hand, it can be heard saying woman to Dhoni to leave the match.
  5. India played its first ODI on October 1 in 1978 against Pakistan. The match was conducted at the Ayub National Stadium, Quetta, Pakistan. India won by four runs.
  6. In the 2011 World Cup match between India and Pakistan, there were 6.73 crore viewers watching the match on television. And, India won the World Cup match against Pakistan.
  7. India and Pakistan have played their first cricket match between 16th October 1952 and 19th October 1952.
  8. Pakistan and India played their first T20 cricket match on September 14, 2007.
  9. Pakistan and India have never met in an Asia Cup finals.
  10. The 1993 edition was being hosted by Pakistan but cancelled because of strained Indo-Pak relations.
  11. The 1991 edition to be hosted by India and Pakistan refused to play in the 1991 edition.
  12. In 1984, India won the first Asia Cup depending on the points after a round-robin league.
  13. In 1997, India and Pakistan met in Canada to celebrate 50 years of independence. They played 5 matches at the Toronto Cricket, Skating and Curling Club. India won by 8 wickets and Inzamam’s bat behaviour made the headlines. Venkatesh Prasad dismissed Inzamam and while coming back to the dressing room tended to have hit a spectator with his bat. Later, the spectator was recognized as an Indian supporter.
  14. In 1995, the 5th edition of the Asia Cup was conducted in Sharjah. Sri Lanka, India, and Pakistan and among them Sri Lanka and India reached the final, but India won the trophy.
  15. In the 2012 Asia Cup, Virat Kohli had 183 highest ODI scores against Pakistan. It is also the highest ODI score in Asia Cup history.

Post-Match Press Conference with Virat Kohli

After the T20 World Cup match, Virat Kohli had a press conference where a journalist asked him what if Ishan Kishan could replace Rohit Sharma in the upcoming match. Kishan made 70 runs on 46 balls against England but didn’t appear in the playing XI at the Dubai International Stadium. Kohli got surprised by the question and asked the journalist that what they think as it is a very brave question. Further, Kohli said they gave their best and ask them for their opinion. Further, he added that will you drop Rohit Sharma from T20I? He asked, do they know what Rohit Sharma did in the last match? He said if they want controversy, then he will answer accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Pakistan reached 152 in 17.5 overs for no loss. Captain Babar Azam scored 68 off 52 balls with his opening partner Mohammad Rizwan that scored 79 off 55 balls. On the other hand, Kohli scored 57 off 49 balls. Rishabh Pant registered 39 in 30 balls.

Furthermore, this is the blog where you can get some amazing unknown facts about India vs Pakistan matches. Apart from this, you got an overview of Sunday’s T20 match along with scores.

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