5 Brilliant Tips To Celebrate V-Day At Home In 2021

A romantic holiday may seem impossible to lovey-dovey couples in the pandemic crisis, but things are brightening up with the vaccine roll-out plan. It is time to think about the ‘to-dos’ on V-Day with a few days left for Valentine’s Day.

Booking a table in hotels, cafeterias, multiplex, or posting Valentine’s Day wishes on social networking sites are typical methods of celebrating Valentine’s Day. Why not make your home the venue to spend dreamy time with your partner? It is a safer, cheaper, and healthier alternative and saves you the fear of visiting cramped F&B outlets that may not follow sanitized measures. Here are five ways to celebrate V-Day at your home that will make it an equally splendid affair.

1.Drink Pink Cocktails

Like to be a wine couple? Let Rose Wine rekindle jolly memories of the good times with your loving partner in a unique way. Pour Rosé Champagne for your sweetheart in custom-made wine glasses you had bought online. Enhance your champagne flutes by putting glittering heart accents on them for an eye-candy look. Wear rose-colored casual or made-to-order outfits to complement the pink cocktails.      

Pair your wine-drinking moments with your partner by cooking or ordering grilled food, mushroom or cheese platters, and patisseries. Order pink-colored truffles to make the V-Day rosy and mushy. Rosé wine-drinking may look different this year, but the intensity should remain the same. 

You can also try Michter’s Bourbon

2.Enjoy Breakfast In Bed  

Take a day off from your parenting goals and spend “alone time” together chatting sweet nothings. Plan a room breakfast for the two of you. Lounging in bed and relishing your home-made croissants and strawberry tea makes an excellent V-Day treat. It is a nice and refreshing change from the mundane way of V-Day wishing. Never mind your cooking skills. The whole idea is to be with each other sharing a few laughs as you experiment with ingredients and recipes.  

Think of giving a red roses bouquet and a handwritten note or a greeting card to seal your morning tea with Valentine’s love. Do a crossword together, take a day off from work, and recollect how the two of you fell in love. Turn everyday items into V-Day gifts with a few simple supplies and tongue-in-cheek messages. For example, dress up a donut with a sweet message, “I donut know, but I am bananas for you.”  


3.Take Joint Pleasure In A Bubble Bath

If a bubble bath reminds you of your honeymoon suite, so be it. Surround the tub on V-Day with fragrant candles. Sprinkle some rose petals in the water. Throw in a CBD-infused bath bomb in your bathtub to relax your stressed bodies.

Keep a tray of mint chocolates and perhaps a bottle of Champagne within arm’s reach to heighten your bath-taking experience. It’s a heavenly feeling to soak your bodies in nature-enriched supplements for that bright and perky experience you want out of your V-Day.  

4.Quiz Yourselves

How do you plan to spice up your Valentine’s Day dinner? Go beyond your wine-and-dine moments and cozy into each other by sitting down to solve quiz riddles on a virtual Jeopardy!

Quiz each other on Valentine’s Day FAQs. Crack the mystery of 14 Feb and how it became a festival of love to why roses and chocolates are the most common gifts shared on this day. Sink yourself into solving fun-based Trivia around V-Day and amp up your mental capabilities. It will also show your brainy side to your loving partner and prove that beauty is many layers deep. 

5.Absorb Yourselves Into An Entertainment Marathon

If you could not find time to watch a new movie in the nearest movie hall, now is the time to fulfill your cinema-watching pursuits. Sit back on Valentine’s Day with your beloved and watch your favorite romantic thriller on Netflix.

A movie subscription plan will help you make the most of V-Day as you watch your favorite movies without queuing up in a movie theatre to get tickets for your preferred movie time. Alternatively, you can create a line-up of your partner’s favorite TV show episodes for a re-watch on V-Day or create a Spotify playlist of romantic throwbacks to listen to with your better half. 

Bottom line  

Now you can channel the lover inside you to spice things up ahead of your Valentine’s Day date with your partner. Add something unique and sentimental to whichever V-Day gesture you decide upon. It can be as simple as an indoor picnic or a video game night, a couple-dance on a romantic melody, or creating a scrapbook of the destinations you both visited.

Tickle your partner’s mind for home decoration on Valentine’s Day. Roses, hearts, chocolates, and melodies are good starters to spend quality time with each other and go on a romantic trip. Without leaving your abode, you can create blissful and memorable V-Day moments affordably. Here’s wishing you a starry-eyed and stress-free Valentine’s Day 2021!      



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