Baldness Is Not a Curse It’s Beautiful in Many Ways

“Bald and Beautiful”

Q – What if all men turned bald?

A – Well, a whole lot of us are not so lucky. You will soon know why.

Q – Can a man handsomely carry off the bald look?

A – Surely he can, simply because he has nothing to carry. I mean hair of any kind.

There are two categories of men, the “bald” and the “not bald”. If you are “not bald” there are various issues or things that you need to face. We have the full head of hair, the falling hair, the receding hair, and the few and far between wisps of hair kinds. A bald man is, yes, just “bald”.

Let us now split hairs on the sheer benefits of being a bald man.

Health Aspect

Let us look at it from the position of developing prostate cancer, a serious cause of worry for most men above the age of 40. Deep research has found that in the case of men experiencing rapid loss of hair or ones who have ultimately turned bald, face a far lesser risk of developing prostate cancer.

Now, where is the connection?

Well, it has been found that exposure to testosterone in huge quantities maintain and over long periods, is one of the prime factors of hair loss in men. However, the flip side of this exposure helps in slowing down or, in some cases, preventing the development of cancerous growth. How about that!

Another very positive facet of testosterone in the male system ensures boosting the metabolic process. This in turn helps the body to maintain a certain amount of balance, restricting unnecessary weight gain and also enables the development of appropriate muscles in the body. The resultant factor of all of this is a more chiseled face structure, giving it more character. Have any one of us looked at it that way?

Masculinity Aspect

In another research conducted on the beauty of baldness, scores of men and women have been approached with images of men with their heads full of hair and a digitally removed version of them. More than most of the opinion went crazily in total favor of the bald look. Certain masculinity was attributed to the bare scalp look. Simply visualize men in the defense forces, policemen, and similar professions, and you are bound to have a connection.

Convenience Aspect

Hair grooming is a big ‘NO’ for the “Bald and Beautiful”. Monthly trips to the hairdresser’s saloon, money spent on shampoos, hairbrushes, combs, and other head hair-related articles and accessories are definitely on no bucket list of theirs.

Fear Aspect                                                                            

For any man, freedom is a much sought-after word and greater still if it is from fear. Once you have turned bald, you have nothing to lose anymore, especially sleepless nights, tormented by the fear of slowly balding. Ask the hair-shedding guys in their various stages of hair fall, and they will unanimously term the feeling as a continuous and non-ending nightmare. Frequent and nervous visits to the hair and skin specialists and honing in on a plan of action to stem hair fall, from amongst the dozens of therapies suggested by well-wishers, is wholly non-existent for the bald man. Yes, he sleeps sleep with a non-worrisome head. Maintain your bald look with the best electric shaver for men.

Ageless Aspect

The general perception is once a man turns truly bald, he begins to look older. However, this phase is luckily over real fast. What then remains is the ageless look that carries through over a long period. The reason is very simple. Where there is hair, there is hair falling, becoming sparse and off-course hair whitening, which all adds to the much aging look with each step and turn. However, for the bald man, it is only the addition of facial wrinkles which add to the facial characteristics in a man. A Yul Bryner and an Anupam Kher is surely one such outstanding example.

All said and done, for the lot of you who face rude and crude jibes on an almost daily basis for your baldness, hereon it is your time to stand tall and turns the tables around. Your crowning glory is your bare scalp and no two hairs about it.  Try the best shavers in India by skull shaver for a beautiful bald look.

I hope after reading this article you will get to know that being bald is not a curse it’s beautiful in many ways. Now the day young generation wants to look different and cool. So they try different grooming styles and experiment with hairs. The most trending look of 2021 is to keep a bald head with a long beard. These grooming styles are chosen by the young generation as well as elders also. This is the main thing about the look. This will look awesome on anyone. So if you are willing to try something new try this look today.

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