What is the Best Time to Dive with Whale Shark at Ningaloo Reef?

Best Whale Shark Season in Exmouth

Ningaloo Reef is the most famous for Whale shark swimming  and manta rays. The best whale shark season in Exmouth every year between March and August, the world’s largest fish gathers along the Ningaloo Reef. The chance to scuba dive with these beautiful creiatures is the opportunity to do just that during the whale shark diving season for a lifetime and tourists from around the world go to the Ningaloo Reef.


The Ningaloo Reef is one of the few places on the planet they frequently appear in large numbers, finding the abundance of plankton to feed on. The biology of these species is little understood, so there is continuous study. This amazing experience is available to trustworthy swimmers.


In the early months of March, whale sharks usually arrive around Exmouth before whale hang out until in August and beyond the last few years, if you’re thinking about going beyond the high season.


The Months of the March and April are colder, as tropical moisture-free beach holiday. The Ningaloo Reef whale shark tours nesting processes and baby turtles hatching from the beaches along the Cape and making the fairly healthy waters of the Ningaloo Reef.


Middle of May is usually the calmest season in this country, so it’s a perfect time to visit the Ningaloo if fewer boats float around your ships. Whale shark tour from late May to August also includes swimming with whale shark and mantra rays, watching spectacular surface shows of the bucking whales (full body splits, tail slaps, loss breaches and so many more) as you snorkel on the Ningaloo Reef. August’s normally perfect weather persists. The beginning of the whale swimming tours is also flagging for August.


Tortoises can be seen during the year and they can nest from November to January. Enter in February or March and at this time of year turtles are hatching. During March, April and May, Coral Spawn is also seen. However, several manta rays are observed during the months from May to September all year round, Manta Rays are visible. Frequently, humpbacks are found between June and October. Every day of the year, Dugongs & Dolphins seem to be noticeable.


Your Expect On Whale Shark Tour

All tours are day trips, which all follow a general structure. Whale shark Diving Exmouth are complete day tours. They start by scuba diving on the Ningaloo Reef River marine gardens. In addition to providing the opportunity to see incredible marine life, snorkelling this morning provides an opportunity to ensure that everybody swims and can easily snorkel. In the morning whale watching, spotter aircraft head to the edge of the Ningaloo Reef where the whale sharks live. Only 10 people will snorkel at a certain point of time with a whale shark. It is one of the whale-shark tour licenses issued by the Ministry of Parks and Wildlife, which govern industrial whale-hark activity.

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