Calories in Brown Bread, Health Benefits, and Uses

In recent times, brown bread has gained a lot of popularity as it is healthier than other bread. Brown bread is made of whole-grain flour, rye, and wheat, rarely colored with ingredients like coffee or molasses. In this blog, you’ll learn about calories in brown bread, the benefits of eating brown bread, and much more. 

But here the thing that needs to be noted that brown color of bread doesn’t mean it is healthy for your body. If bread is made of whole wheat or grain, only then it can be considered healthy for your body. If bread is colored that means it will have added sugar and will less likely to contain nutrients. 

What is Brown Bread and Calories in 1 Brown Bread?

Brown bread is healthier if it is made of the bran and germ of the wheat flour and all required nutrients. You can get various forms of brown bread in the market, such as rolls, loaves, and buns. 

Calories in 1 brown bread are around 75 calories. One slice of brown bread can deliver 4% of the total daily calorie need. If we talk about calories in 2 brown breads, then it will reach around 150 calories. 

Health Benefits of Eating Brown Bread 

The following are some health benefits of eating brown bread:

  • Brown bread consists of a lot of fibers that can help to treat constipation problems. It can also prevent lower bad cholesterol and help you to maintain a healthy weight. 
  • Brown bread also helps in controlling blood sugar levels, so diabetic patients can go for brown bread. 
  • Brown bread acts as a natural laxative that helps in bowel movements. If you are suffering from constipation and hemorrhoid problems, then you must try brown bread once. 
  • As brown bread is rich in fiber, so it can promote heart health and reduce cholesterol levels. 
  • Studies show that eating a slice of brown bread before bed can minimize the stress level in your body. 
  • If you are attempting to reduce weight, then a slice of brown will be good for you as 1 brown bread calories offer 75 calories. But still, you can burn those calories with exercise. It is rich in carbohydrates. Eating brown bread can make you feel full for a longer time because of its fiber-rich content. 
  • Eating brown bread can add essential nutrients and vitamins to your diet. Brown bread is a good source of vitamin B, vitamin E, and vitamin K. 

How is Brown Bread Used in Cooking?

You can add brown bread to your diet by following the below steps:

  • As per your recipe requirements, you can slice a brown bread loaf thinly or thickly. You can keep or discard the crust while slicing. 
  • Mostly sliced brown bread is used to make sandwiches by stuffing cheese, vegetables, jam, etc. Even you can make it in different styles like grilled or toasted, hot dog rolls, open toasts, and submarines, etc. 
  • You can have brown bread with soup. These breads can be in the form of Grissini sticks, and bread rolls, etc. 
  • Apply butter over brown bread and rub garlic on the slice. Cut into cubes and keep it inside the oven for bake. You can use them as croutons for soups. You can also add herbs and cheese for flavor. 
  • Bread dough can be filled with a creamy sauce cooked with mushrooms, cheese, herbs, sweet corns, and then bake it. 

How to Choose Brown Bread?

  • Make sure to buy fresh brown bread. 
  • Check out the freshness of the bread by using the texture of the crust and aroma of the bread.
  • Ensure to check manufacturing date, packaging, and expiry date. 

How to Store Brown Bread?

  • Make sure to eat fresh brown bread. However, if you want to eat it later, then you can store it by wrapping it with a plastic film roll or store it in the refrigerator. 
  • You can grind bread into bread crumbs or cut into cubes and deep fry them. So, you can store them in an airtight container to eat them later.
  • Don’t keep bread in a warm or moist environment because they are likely to mould. 

Is Brown Bread Healthier?

Sometimes a question arises, which food is healthy: roti or brown bread. Everyone knows roti is more nutrition-rich as compared to brown bread. Here, we are not saying brown bread is not good. But here, the thing that you need to consider is you can’t prefer brown bread over the roti. If you love to eat brown bread, then don’t consume it alone. You can eat it with vegetables or add other nutrition. If you want to reduce weight, even then brown bread is good as 1 brown bread calories include 75 calories.  

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