Different Types of Disposable Hand Gloves and their Uses

Disposable hand gloves protect your hands from germs, disease, and bacteria. Nowadays, everyone knows Covid-19 is spreading from one person to another when you get contracted with an affected person. With the help of disposable gloves, you can protect your hands from chemicals and liquids.

Can Disposable Hand Gloves Protect You?

Disposable hand gloves can minimize the spread of germs and infection and protect you when you enter the public area by keeping your hands dry, clean, and germ-free. When you wear hand gloves in public, and then don’t touch your face, phone, or other areas you don’t need to and remove gloves with proper care. Make sure to use disposable gloves for one time, and box gloves are ideal if you want them on various occasions. Ensure to use hand sanitizer gel before wearing gloves and after removing the gloves.

How to Remove Disposable Gloves Correctly?

Disposable hand gloves should be removed correctly to avoid germs and infection. Follow the below steps to know how to remove disposable gloves:

  • Remove the first glove: Hold the glove near the wrist and make sure you don’t touch your skin. Now, peel it outward and take care not to touch the freehand.
  • Remove the second glove: Now, keep the removed glove in the gloved hand and don’t touch outside of any glove with the freehand. Tuck the finger inside the glove and then remove it inside out. Now, your second-hand glove will cover the first. In this way, you’ll remove both hand gloves easily and correctly.

Choose the Right Size of Disposable Hand Gloves

You can buy a box of 100 disposable hand gloves that will offer you different sizes of hand gloves from small to large. Ensure the gloves that you are wearing are comfortable and your hands are not at risk to get exposed. If you are wearing loose hand gloves, then your gloves may fall somewhere, but if you choose tight-fitting gloves, then they can be broken.

Different Types of Disposable Hand Gloves

  • Polyethylene Gloves

Polyethylene or plastic gloves are very thin, and you can use them for light-duty tasks. They are budget-friendly and great for food use. You can use them for preparation for the food.

  • Latex Gloves

Latex gloves are a type of rubber gloves, and they would be a great choice. In some people, they can cause allergy because it contains protein. These gloves can be used for any kind of application except high-risk uses.

  • Vinyl Gloves

You can use vinyl gloves or a kind of rubber gloves for food services as they are comfortable, latex-free, and safe. You can use them for food prep, serving, and non-high-risk tasks.

  • Neoprene Gloves

Neoprene gloves are thick, flexible, heat-resistant, and available with a flock lining, and they are reusable. You can use them for high-risk applications, such as wet handling, dishwashing, etc.

  • Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves can vary in thickness as 3 mil thick gloves can be used for food services and 6 mil thick industrial gloves. You can use Nitrile gloves nearly for any task.

  • Surgical Gloves

Common surgical glove material is latex, neoprene, polyisoprene, and Nitrile. Basically, the purpose of surgical gloves is to prevent germs between healthcare experts and patients during a surgical procedure.

Uses of Disposable Gloves

You can use disposable hand gloves to protect your hands from infection and viruses. Latex gloves are made from natural rubber, Nitrile gloves are manufactured from synthetic Nitrile rubber, and vinyl gloves are manufactured from a synthetic plastic polymer. No matter what type of gloves you choose but ensure to choose the right glove. Disposable of different types can be used in various fields, such as:

  • Medical Area

Mostly, disposable gloves are used in the healthcare industry. These gloves help prevention from germs and infection. They can be used for general hand protection. The gloves that are used in the healthcare industry are often known as medical gloves.

  • Food Service Area

To serve healthy food, it is necessary to prepare food while wearing gloves. These gloves are also approved and tested by FDA. Waiters, chefs, and various hospitality personnel use these gloves.

  • Industrial Area

Disposable gloves are used in various industrial areas. Industry grade gloves can be used in all kinds of industries, such as agriculture, marine, baby care/pet care, dairy, beauty/nail/hair, industrial, plumbing, cleaning, etc. latex and black Nitrile are highly recommended in these industries.

  • Home Use

You can use disposable gloves in your house when cleaning the house or while gardening. You can use black Nitrile gloves for gardening. Check your gloves for any punctures, cracks, fractures, etc. to avoid infection.

From this blog, you come to know about different types of safety gloves, the purpose of each glove, and industrial areas where you can use these disposable hand gloves.

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