How Can Hypnosis for Male Sexual Performance Anxiety Help to Overcome this Problem?

As you become older, it becomes difficult to improve sexual performance in men. Sexual performance anxiety and erectile dysfunction (ED) is the concerning thing when you don’t satisfy your partner sexually. With this problem, men are unable to enjoy sex because, in this state, you are more focused to make your partner happy. However, if you are facing this problem, then hypnosis for male sexual performance anxiety would be the choice.

Intimacy becomes important when you do it for the sake of your partner and not for yourself. But, when time passes, you lose interest in sex. Even though this problem can arise in men and women, but men are more prone to this problem. Many times, it becomes difficult for men to discuss their situation with their partners, or even they hesitate to seek professional help as well.

Common concerns for men include erection problems, ejaculation, anorgasmia, loss of libido, and dyspareunia. ED can cause performance anxiety. Fortunately, there are ways to overcome sexual performance anxiety. Hypnosis is one of the best ways to resolve this problem.

With the help of hypnotherapy, the erection problem can be solved. A hypnotherapist will make you able to respond to stress and minimize anxiety.

When male sexual performance anxiety arises, then they feel unable to cope with it, and they start facing this problem in silence. If you are facing the same situation, then the first thing that you must cut off is the fear of the possible stigma that you might face.

Hypnosis for Male Sexual Performance Anxiety


Before jumping to how hypnosis can help overcome male sexual performance anxiety, first, you must know the reason behind this problem:


  • When you start assuming negative thoughts about yourself, and as a result, you feel insufficient. For example, you think that your body is not attractive enough or not fit enough.
  • You might think that your sexual experience will not be great as you hear the experience from your peers about their sexual experience. You might be comparing yourself with pornography actors and their sexual performances.
  • Many people face increased anxiety when their partners are very attractive. Some state that it becomes difficult to discuss the problem with the partner when the partner is from a close friend circle, and there is a fear that the partner could share detail with mutual friends.
  • Sometimes, sexual performance anxiety is related to stressful conditions at school, home, office that may make you unable to perform well.


Several people share different ways in which they get affected and lead to a sexual performance anxiety problem.

  • Feeling tensed about whether your partner is feeling good during sex
  • Lack of orgasm or premature ejaculation since you are not feeling good during sex and only trying to please your partner
  • Reduced interest in sex
  • Unable to maintain an erection even if you are interested in sex

How to Manage Performance Anxiety?

Performance anxiety always leads to decrease sexual performance. And it makes you more anxious during the next session. So it is essential to overcome this problem as soon as possible. The following are some techniques that you can follow to reduce this problem:

  • Don’t compare yourself with others
  • Enjoy sex instead of making your partner happy, so both of you can enjoy the moment
  • If you have a problem, then discuss it with your partner
  • Choose meditation and other physical exercises to improve your mental and physical health
  • Collaborate with those people who can solve any stressful condition in your life

Now, it’s time to know how hypnosis for male sexual performance anxiety is helpful:

Hypnotherapist Adelaide to Overcome Male Sexual Performance Anxiety

Basically, low self-esteem and self-inadequacy can lead to sexual performance anxiety. With the help of hypnotherapy Adelaide, sexual performance anxiety could be overcome. You can recode your brain to concentrate on positive thoughts. For positive results, you should first learn how to overcome negative thoughts in your subconscious mind. It will include training your mind to let go away the stressors from your life that can increase anxiety.

  • With the help of Adelaide hypnosis, you become more relaxed and peaceful. In this state, you are more likely to follow certain changes.
  • Another method that is used during hypnotherapy is visualization. In this state, you are asked to visualize your partner in a sexual act. And it can help you visualize a dial that you can turn. It can maximize or minimize blood flow to the lower area.
  • Hypnotherapist Adelaide can work on your lack of self-esteem.
  • In the Adelaide hypnosis session, the hypnotherapist will focus on positive thoughts and they’ll encourage you to think about positive capabilities in the bedroom.

Here you come to know how hypnosis helps you get over your sexual performance anxiety. If you are experiencing this problem, then you can reach Matthew Tweedie Hypnosis – Hypnotherapy Adelaide.

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