How to Distinguish between Medicine and Naturopathy

A gentleman writes to us asking for information about alternative professions to medicine. Saying that he received advice from an Adelaide naturopathy, Keto coach Christina of his to resort to an osteopath. To treat the back pain from which he has been suffering for some time since many people have found benefits by solving similar problems.

There is no alternative medicine

Addressing the issue immediately is essential to avoid misunderstandings and explicitly state. There is no alternative medicine, nor is there a legal and scientific possibility of obtaining treatments other than those prescribed by doctors. In fact, only doctors are reserve for making diagnoses. , prescribe therapies, administer medications and, in a word, treat the sick. Any activity that falls within these categories and that is not carry out by a doctor. Who has graduate regularly and is register in the corresponding professional registry is an abuse that is process and dangerous to the person’s health.

Out of pathology

Once clarified, we must be aware of the wide space that society reserves today for methods to provide personal well-being, but it must be clear that we are outside pathology, the disease understood in the clinical sense, which requires the intervention of the doctor; that is, we are not in the health sector. However, these wellness practices, which are common in the Adelaide Naturopathy branch, are spreading effectively both with regard to job providers (to whom it is incorrect to attribute the consultant qualification, who lack the qualification). professional that is obtained through registration to a special public registry) both for users who always attend numerous centers specialized in these services, obviously satisfied with the results obtained.

Well-being but not a cure

Because these practices give a direct and immediate result. As long as you do not confuse it with the cure of an evil; If the person accuses tiredness and heaviness in the back. Once the hypothesis of pain that requires clinical diagnosis and medical attention is exclude. He can resort to osteopaths and pranotherapists who, through the use of physical exercises, massages, manual applications can stimulate beneficial effects not only of relaxation but also of revitalizing energy, providing that feeling of well-being that is specifically sought.

Attention to qualifications.

It is inevitable that, in any case, attention will be paid to the qualifications of the activity provider, since there are numerous training courses in the various areas of Naturopathy, such as osteopathy, pranotherapy, chromotherapy, plantar reflexology, flower therapy, and many others, which introduce students to the study of techniques. adequate to the proposed results.

This outreach has also created numerous job developments. For many young and old seeking job opportunities as long. As they are very passionate about subjects and subjects and attend appropriate and serious training courses. Which are often also attribute recognition association certifications: we are outside the public sphere. But this does not constitute a decrease in the guarantees of seriousness. If attention is pay to the national relevance of the anti-association and training schools. The duration of the course and the certificate of attendance what is release

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