How to organize an international move?

The best advice to start preparing for an international move is to manage it with enough time so that everything goes perfectly.  We believe that they will help you out from the stress.

Tips on how to organize an international move

1 . The first step before planning how to organize an international move is to anticipate
Mission ” Avoid setbacks ” is essential when preparing an international move. This means giving about 2 months of margin to be able to carry out all the procedures: visas, customs procedures, etc.

Also, you should keep in mind that there are many other factors to take into account. We imagine that many questions have arisen since you have considered moving to another country. Therefore, you must foresee matters such as accommodation in the destination country, the search for schools (in the case of having children), the trip to the new host country, the documentation to be processed (different in each case, depending on the country destination), make parking reservations, among others.

Therefore, we recommend that you have enough time to avoid last-minute setbacks.

2. Hire the moving service to a specialized company
When you consider moving to another country, it is best to let the professionals do it. Hiring an international moving service from a specialized company is the key for everything to go smoothly.

Therefore, when you consider how to organize an international move, you should consider requesting estimates for this service from specialized companies, such as  CM Relocation. It is recommended to select international moving companies that operate with the destination country.

To obtain a personalized estimate, it is best to wait for the previous inspection visit at the home of origin, to be carried out by a commercial technician, who will measure the exact volume of the equipment and furniture to be moved. At that same moment, the client’s needs will be resolved in order to provide a personalized budget, with the necessary services for the correct execution.

3. Watch out for the service dates!
It is important to reserve the pick-up date, since there are seasons, especially in summer, that due to the increase in the volume of removals, finding available dates is more difficult than in other months. Taking into account that due to the law of supply and demand, the cost of the service may be slightly increased.

4. Make a TO-DO list
To avoid doubts about how to organize an international move, it is recommended to make a list of all the preparations. In this way, you will avoid any management being left in the pipeline. This “trick” is extremely useful in helping you prepare for your international transfer.

This list should contain the most relevant and what under no circumstances can be forgotten. Tasks should be crossed out as they are executed.

5.  Comprehensive insurance
Once you have in mind how to organize an international move, you must analyze whether to take out comprehensive insurance
It is recommended, although not mandatory, the additional hiring of comprehensive insurance for the contents of the removals. Being essential to fill in an inventory form for hiring, individually assessing each enser to insure.

6. The dreaded collection day
If you have hired a specialized worldwide movers company, you will not have to worry. It is best to put stress aside, relax and wait for the load to finish. The specialists will be responsible for ensuring that everything proceeds as planned.

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