How to Overcome the Fear of Needles during Laboratory Tests?

Do you need some laboratory tests, but needles terrify you?

Belonephobia is the fear of needles and the Adelaide Hypnosis Matthew Tweedie will help you with some tips so that you can overcome it and you can go without fear to do the tests. Hypnosis for the fear of needles is the best method to overcome needle phobia.

  1. Talk about the fear of needles with your doctor and the clinical laboratory staff.

  • Don’t be shy about telling them, surely you won’t be the first
  • Telling what you feel and empathy will help you calm down
  • Medical staff can give you options to perform the procedure
  • They can give you advice so that the process produces less anxiety and less pain
  1. During the tests, get into a comfortable position

  • Lie down or sit correctly to avoid falls in case you pass out
  • Raising your legs helps relieve anxiety
  • Talk to the lab staff if you feel dizzy, ringing in the ears, nausea, heartburn, or headache
  • To avoid fainting you can chew gum, the sugar levels will increase your pressure and heart rate (this does not apply if your tests are to measure glucose levels)
  1. Bring a distraction

  • Do not think about the needle or the sting days before, or minutes before because this will only increase anxiety and make the process more uncomfortable
  • Bring a friend or family member to distract you
  • Your partner can squeeze your hand to distract your body from the sensation of the sting.
  • Listen to music on your iPod or on your cell phone and sing to lower your anxiety levels
  • Try saying the alphabet backward
  • Think of happy things
  • Use your other hand to pinch yourself! The brain can only focus on one pain at a time
  • Bring something to chew on, like a lollipop or gum
  1. Don’t look!

  • Make sure the needle is new and you will not see it again, looking at the needle in a moment of anxiety will make you believe that it is bigger than it really is
  • Some people do well to close their eyes
  • Others prefer to be distracted by looking at all the things in the laboratory, some information sheet, paintings, or whatever they have around
  1. Relax!

  • Breathe slowly and deeply to calm your nerves.
  • Remind yourself how strong and brave you are and that there is no reason to fear something so small
  • An injection hurts more in a tight muscle, so relax your arms before you receive it.
  • Do not move while you receive the injection, in addition to increasing pain, they may have to apply it again
  • Don’t wait for the pain

If you’ve tried all of this and it doesn’t work, ask your doctor or Hypnotherapist because at last hypnosis for fear of needles can work efficiently. Apart from this, even if you are suffering from anxiety, then you get Adelaide anxiety treatment option as well.

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