Indian Spitz Dog: Facts, Grooming, and Features

Basically, in middle Asia, the Indian Spitz puppy breed is a very famous dog breed. This dog breed needs complete care and pampering. As per the information of zoologists, Indian Spitz dogs developed themselves faster as compared to other canine dog breeds.

About Indian Spitz Dog

When you get an Indian Spitz puppy, then it is your responsibility to take care of him/her, and give them the best life. If you have Indian Spitz dog for the first time, and you are not sure what to do and how to take care of him/her, then you don’t need to worry about it because we’ve everything here regarding the Indian Spitz puppy.

The Indian Spitz dog falls into the category of the Spitz-type dog breed, and they belong to the utility dogs group. The body of these types of dogs is similar to a German shepherd.

There was a time when people often identify Spitz Indian as Pomeranian dogs because of his/her looks, but this is not true.


In the canine world, the Indian Spitz has created their identity because of its activeness and intelligence. They can easily learn new things and notice the intentions of the owner.

The first time this breed was introduced in the British. Initially, it was German Spitz, but over some time this breed changes itself in Indian weather. They became famous in the ’90s. The Indian government makes new laws that make import and export difficult. Afterward, people started looking for a breed that can survive in Indian weather. And then, they became visible and popular in the Indian market.

Indian Spitz Price in India         

The following list shows you Indian Spitz price in India:

City Price
Mumbai 4000-8000
Delhi 3500-7000
Bangalore 3000-7000
Chandigarh 3500-6000
Kolkata 2500-6000
Lucknow 3000-6000
Pune 3000-6000
Mysore 4000-6000
Jaipur 3000-6000
Hyderabad 3000-6000
Ahmedabad 3000-6000
Nagpur 3500-5000
Chennai 3000-5000
Ranchi 2800-5000
Kochi 3000-6000
Indore 3000-7000

The Factors that Affect Indian Spitz Price

  • Location

As per the above list, it is clear that the price may vary according to the location. If Spitz Indian is easily available in the city, then in that city, the price will be low. If they are not easily available in the city, then the cost will be high.

  • Quality

Another factor that affects the price is the quality. Mixed Indian Spitz will be available at a low cost, but they might face some health issues.

  • Breeder

The cost will also depend on the breeder. A well-reputed breeder will ensure purebred Indian Spitz.

Features of Indian Spitz Dogs

  • They are highly active and intelligent.
  • They can easily change themselves accordingly and comfortably live in a small or big house.
  • Generally, the smaller Indian Spitz weight is around 5-7 kg (11-16 pounds), and height is 8-10 inches.
  • The weight of greater Indian Spitz is around 15-20 kg and height is 14-17 inches.
  • They can observe human interactions and make great companions.
  • They are easy to train, and they would love to spend time with you.


You need to brush him/her twice a week to keep it fresh, clean, and free from germs. While brushing, make sure to check for any insects and ticks as well. They don’t require much care as they are house pets. When it comes to Indian Spitz food, then it can also vary from rice and milk to chicken and rice. You don’t need to take stress regarding Indian Spitz dog care.

Indian Spitz Behaviour

Generally, they are friendly and playful in nature. However, they may become aggressive with other dogs. They are aware of any changes in the environment and may bark when they hear outside noises.

When you train them, they respond well. They love to get attention from the owner. However, if you don’t train them well, then they may become dominant.

Indian Spitz Temperament

Basically, they can easily adapt to all kinds of living conditions. No matter which city or countryside you belong to, but they can change themselves accordingly. Indian Spitz dogs are friendly and social dogs, and they are loyal to their human family. They love the company of their owner. They are intelligent and able to be socialized and obedient.

Pomeranian Vs Indian Spitz


  • As compared to Indian Spitz dogs, Pomeranians are lighter in weight and smaller in height as well.
  • Pomeranian is flatter than Indian Spitz.
  • The Spitz Indian has more pointed ears in comparison to Pomeranian.
  • Pomeranian has a denser and thicker coat, so it is difficult to see individual hair than Indian Spitz.

Indian Spitz Lifespan

They live 10 to 14 years. However, if you maintain the diet of the dog, then lifespan can increase. In Kolkata, there was a dog that lived 18 years.

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Indian Spitz is a clean breed, and the dogs that fall into this category are playful and friendly with humans. They require not so much care as compared to other dogs. You can easily train them, and they can be taught tricks easily. They can survive in different climatic conditions in India.

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