Ketogenic Diet: Main Benefits and Disadvantages

Ketogenic Diet: Main Benefits

  • Help us activate the metabolism of fats.
  • Diet with a higher level of satiety (thanks to the higher intake of healthy fats, and its slower digestion).
  • More energy, eating fewer thanks to more efficient metabolism, using fats again as an energy source, and remember how much your body can accumulate in kcal in the form of fats (just thinking to what point we can get fat), accessing that energy is great.
  • It has shown improvements in patients with insulin resistance, improving the metabolic and hormonal environment.
  • Especially improvements have been shown in neurological disorders.
  • Improvements in body composition (less body fat, preserves muscle mass), along with strength exercises.
  • Improvements in visceral fat and obesity control
  • Excellent control in diabetics, overweight and obese people to control glucose and decrease body fat.

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Ketogenic Diet: Disadvantages and/or Cons

The first thing would be to raise awareness that it is a diet and that there are people who will do better with this type of system and people who do the opposite and will not do well.

No diet is “law” or “is the best”, none is a magic wand to achieve your goals of health, performance, or body aesthetics; The magic of knowing your body, surrounding yourself with the best information, and advising you with a professional in charge, your trusted Nutritionist will be of great value to find your diet, your macros, and strategies to reach your goal.

  • One of the most notorious disadvantages is socially speaking, it can be quite a temptation since we live in a world surrounded by carbohydrates and if we do not know how to manage the mind, and we DO NOT take advantage of the diversity of dishes that can be achieved with a ketogenic scheme we can fall into a classic: “YOU CAN’T EAT ANYTHING, YOU NEVER COULD”. Which is far from the truth.
  • It is common if you do not consume enough green vegetables, avocado, etc. have problems with the consumption of minerals and fiber. This is improved by increasing this type of food, taking an adequate intake of water, and not eliminating salt completely.
  • It can increase cortisol and be negative in people with thyroid problems.
  • Monitor in the case of people with diabetes so as not to enter ketoacidosis, but if they can follow a diet like this and benefit from its control.
  • Changes in bowel movements, headaches, tiredness, dizziness, cramps, or irritability the first days due to dehydration or lack of adaptation will gradually adjust and decrease in weeks as the body uses fat as energy.
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