Lack of Concentration? 10 Tricks to study without Anxiety

One of the main problems of the students is the lack of concentration. And lack of concentration generates anxiety by not being able to memorize what is necessary for a certain time. It doesn’t matter if you are an opponent or a student. Everyone who studies suffers from that stress-causing difficulty.

So we are going to talk to you about the enemies of concentration. We will try to help you fix your mind on a single task. That way you can study without distraction and make the most of study time.

What are the causes of Lack of concentration?

Here we present the main causes of lack of concentration during the study. In each person, they affect differently and they do not have to appear all together:

  • Poor diet
  • Low hydration
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Physical fatigue
  • Mental fatigue
  • Visual fatigue
  • Discouragement
  • An inappropriate environment for study
  • Selflessness and boredom
  • Lack of practice

What 10 simple tricks can we use to improve concentration when studying?

Now that we know the causes of the lack of concentration, we are going to know ten simple tricks that will facilitate a great improvement when it comes to studying. Try to apply as many as you can to be more successful in your performance. You will see that with practice, anxiety and stress gradually leave you.

Take a healthy diet

When you study you need to be well-fed for your mind to function properly. Plan natural and healthy meals with a pre-established schedule so you do not waste study time and establish routines. Try to eat light meals before studying to avoid sleep or digestive upset during memorization. Still, you shouldn’t go hungry either, because otherwise, you’re thinking about eating instead of studying.

healthy diet

Drink water

The brain requires a lot of hydration when it has to study. Have water on your table and remember to drink little by little between rest and rest. You will see that the fatigue disappears and you will be more active.

drink water

Do fun outdoor activities

Your body needs to practice physical activity to keep your mind in good shape. Do sports and physical activity every day and better if it is outdoors. The more you move you will have less anxiety and stress thanks to the released endorphins. Also, if you meet other people during physical exercise, then you will have a greater concentration.

outdoor activity

Rest your body as it deserves

Studying can be physically exhausting. Therefore, we recommend that you sleep at least 8 hours each day in a restorative way. Learn how to avoid insomnia. Also, you should not do intense physical training before studying. If you feel very tired, it is difficult for you to concentrate because you are not going to take advantage of the time. Better take a short nap and recover.

Sleep well

Rest your mind too

Studying with a tired mind is impossible. If you have your head occupied in other issues more important and urgent than the study, it is better that you solve them and leaves the study for another day. You need to have the mental energy to be able to focus, and taking breaks is the best way to do this. Rest for 5-10 minutes every 25-30 minutes of study. But do not change activities, nor look at the mobile, because you will be distracted and it will be worse.

How to rest without changing activities? Very simple: it consists of doing nothing and putting your mind to rest to regain attention and replenish the energy necessary for good performance.

rest your mind

Take care of your sight

Sight is the sense we use most to study. If you see badly, it is very difficult for you to concentrate properly. So we propose three very simple guidelines:

  • Always try to study in natural light.
  • Prioritize reading on paper instead of using screens such as computers, tablets, mobiles, etc. Electronic ink e-book readers are the middle choice.
  • Take advantage of mental breaks to relax your eyes every 25 minutes. Close your eyes and then look at the horizon for several minutes to recover from the effort.

take care eyes sight

Cheer up

Your state of mind is very important so that your cognitive abilities are not affected and your memory functions properly. Therefore, try to motivate yourself with the result of the exam and the objective that you are setting yourself and try to put aside external concerns. If you can surround yourself with fellow students: it will be easier for you to stay positive.

cheer up

Prepare your study area

To concentrate and study well, the place where you do it is a priority. The study area has to be a quiet place, without distractions, where you can maintain a calm and comfortable environment. The table has to be ordered and as empty as possible. Of course, try to have everything you need close by so that you are not getting up every so often. No mobile phones, television, music, or other types of stimuli that confuse you. If you can’t focus at home, libraries are a great alternative.

prepare study area

Do not get bored. Get motivated

If you study something that does not interest you and bores you, it is difficult for you to achieve adequate concentration. Also, it is not easy to fix it. In the beginning, it is normal that you don’t like a syllabus, but as you get to understand the subject more, little by little you may notice that you like it more. Try to awaken your curiosity about the subject and talk to other people who are also in your situation or who already master it. And if there is no way to get interested, you will have to force yourself to study through time challenges. The sooner you study that topic or subject that you don’t like, the sooner you will move on to something else that you do like.

be motivated

Practice the study

Studying, memorizing, and concentrating are brain activities that the more you practice them, the better you do them. Through meditation, relaxation, and mindfulness techniques, you can help your mind focus on study, releasing anxiety and distractions. There are many study techniques to increase your neural abilities and you can always train to learn how to keep your attention on a task and not be distracted frequently. Did you already know any enemy of concentration? Do you usually apply any of the tricks that we have just told you to improve your study? We would love to hear about your student experiences.

focus on study

Your diet is the most important thing to focus

The way you feed is a basic pillar in your well-being and in your brain’s ability to memorize and focus. But in times of high stress or anxiety, food may not be enough: the brain asks for a little more. In those moments, you can help yourself with a food supplement with 100% natural ingredients or you can take help from Adelaide hypnosis.


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