NLP Training, Coaching Certification and Emotional intelligence

What is the relationship between coaching, emotional intelligence, and neurolinguistic programming?

Coaching is “training”, emotional intelligence is “talent”.  Neurolinguistic programming is “our behavior that is manifested through programming recorded through the senses and language”. Therefore it would be like unlearning our behaviors through the senses and language, to build an excellent talent with effective training.

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What is neurolinguistic programming?

The word programming has to do with our behavior manifested by our behaviors, capacities, beliefs, virtues, values, principles, and identity; that has been learned and experienced through our senses and language. The senses are five, sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch, which are manifested in a visual, auditory, and kinesthetic way, and which are used for vision, active listening, and decisions/choices that you like. The language would be verbal and non-verbal language. which is very important both the language of our words and our gestures, movement of the body and face.

What does coaching contribute?

The same thing that is learned, our programming can also be unlearned through the senses and our language. To do this, good training would be necessary and for this, an “excellent discipline” would be very important, an essential key to effective change. NLP training will be very necessary to use tools, techniques, and strategies so that the person:

  • Be aware
  • Take your responsibility
  • Be achievement-oriented.

For the above, the trainer will have to first use tools to become aware of the thoughts, emotions, feelings, expressions, and actions of the trainee, and secondly, to assume responsibility through proactivity and commitment; and as a third step you will have to take him to the achievement orientation through control and monitoring tools

Emotional intelligence for what?

If the coach does not know how to read and identify thoughts, emotions, and feelings, that is, the “mind” will not be able to read well the body and verbal language and therefore the “soul” or being of the person, and will not achieve the balance between body, mind, and soul; and it will not lead to developing a human being who is an example and transcends in this world in a positive way; For all of the above, good knowledge and experimentation of emotional intelligence is necessary that the good coach will learn.

What else does Matthew Tweedie Hypnosis do?

Adelaide Hypnosis Matthew Tweedie also trains the trainer ineffective strategies when trained to gain awareness, self-confidence, self-motivation, empathy, and social skills. In addition to neurolinguistic programming techniques to develop the senses and awaken sensory acuity; using a super-effective verbal and non-verbal language, which will lead to change in behavior behaviors, capacities, beliefs, virtues, values ​​, and identity to achieve the expected or greater achievement.

Therefore, coaching training and Certification is as important as strategies, techniques, and tools, such as neurolinguistic programming as a model of learning, change, and communication; and emotional intelligence as a method to train excellent talent; do not forget to “invest in what a shipwreck cannot take from you” this is talent; For this reason, the Adelaide Hypnosis “trains your talent so that you are happy.”

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