Popularity of ASMR among People

YouTube is the platform where most users watch visual content and some sort of sound-oriented videos. There are many people who watch videos to feel relaxed. There are various videos uploaded that gain user’s attention. Satisfactory videos are one of them. Millions of users watch videos like someone is whispering without doing anything, and that whisper keeps users stick to that video.

What is ASMR?

A new trend is gaining popularity named ASMR that stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. The experience may include feeling happy, calm, sleepy, and tingling sensation back of spine and neck and on the scalp. This occurs when you simply watch some satisfactory videos that may include whispering, gentle hand movements, seeing a smiling face, and soft crinkling of paper, etc. 

It is not clear that how does ASMR works on the brain that causes calmness and sensation. But people tend to experience good effects of ASMR, and those videos help them reducing anxiety and falling asleep. 

ASMR is one of the tops searched terms on YouTube, and people are enjoying ASMR videos. Some people love to watch ASMR videos, but not everyone. People who watch ASMR videos describe that they feel pleasant tingling on their heads and move downward back on their spine. 

How ASMR Works?

When someone starts watching ASMR videos, they feel a tingling sensation in their whole body starting from head to throughout the body. The most common ASMR occurs when someone whispers, crisp sound, stirring food, crinkling paper, finger tapping, and repetitive movements. 

Most of the people respond to whispering videos. ASMR videos range from 15 minutes to approximately three hours. Basically, these types of videos make people relaxed, and even they fall asleep while watching those videos.

Categories of ASMR

The following are some most common ASMR triggers include:

  • Applying nail polish

In this category, YouTuber shows videos while applying nail polish and finger tapping against various objects. 

  • Haircut simulation

In this type of video, YouTuber stimulates brushing hair, cutting, spraying while whispering to you.

  • Brushing sounds include

These types of videos focus on brushing sounds like tapping brushes against microphones to create voices/sounds. 

  • Sharp and crisp sounds

In this video, YouTuber shots hand closely to show turning pages slowly, crinkling foil and rolling through diamonds. 

  • Baking videos

In this type of video, YouTuber bakes a cake while pouring water, breaking eggs, sifting flour, and stirring all the ingredients. 

  • Finger tapping

Hearing finger tapping sounds, finger tapping can be on the desk, to a candle, or a bottle. 

  • Typing

Typing on keyboards or typewriter keys also make interesting sounds. 

  • Writing 

When a pencil or fountain pen scratch across paper create a sound that promotes calmness. 

  • Paint mixing 

Most people find when they watch colors blend, they feel more satisfied and relaxed.  

Apart from the above, several other ASMR triggers include:

  • Eye contact
  • Humming
  • Massage
  • Whispering
  • Light patterns
  • Chewing
  • Personal attention
  • Hair-play, etc. 

Health Benefits of ASMR

One of the primary benefits of ASMR is that it gives you relaxation while watching ASMR videos. ASMR helps people to reduce symptoms of stress, chronic pain, alleviate low mood and minimize insomnia problems as well. ASMR has a great impact on the body, and it may be used to promote health. Additional health benefits of ASMR:

  • Relieve pain

People who struggle with the problem of sleep anxiety or even temporary pain can have a great advantage of ASMR videos. Studies show that ASMR videos help in relieving pain.

  • Boost mood

It has been seen that many people experience well-being after watching ASMR videos. Mood improvement is more likely to be seen in those who suffer from depression. But these improvements occur among individuals who watch ASMR videos. 

  • Alleviate Stress

Depression or stress can affect sleep, and it can increase heart rate and make you unable to sleep well and relax. Luckily, when you start watching ASMR videos, you are more able to cope with stress and lower your heart rate. With the reduction of heart rate, you can fall asleep naturally while minimizing stressors. 

Tips to Experience ASMR

The following are some things that you can try to experience ASMR:

  • Find What Triggers Relaxation

One of the main things you must find out what triggers relaxation like how you feel when you see brushing hair, nail polish stimulation, page-turning, or something else. If you feel relaxed after watching ASMR, then you are having an ASMR reaction.

  • Watch ASMR Videos

There are plenty of ASMR videos available online, so you can try to watch them feel better.

  • Get A Quality Time

You must try sitting idle and consider those things that make you relaxed. Focus on a specific part of your body and gently brush your fingers over that part, such as arms, legs, or neck. 

Whether ASMR Serves You Potential Benefits or Risks

Researchers still don’t know how and why ASMR works to relax and calm the human mind. However, some people don’t get any benefit from it. But still, ASMR is beneficial for those people who get relaxed after watching ASMR videos. If you are getting health benefits from ASMR, then you can opt for it. 

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