Privacy Policy

privacy polices

Zlatanblog is pledged to insulate your private data. The information that relates to you is and can recognize you as an entity, is included in personal data. We have a team who stand behind to be responsible for implementation of our international privacy program, to safeguard amenability and values of Zlatanblog.



Our highly dedicated team maintains stringent focus over the personal information. Our business partners have direct approach to access the password protected features. They are questionable in case the password is misused. Regrettably, transmittal of data via internet is notfully secured.


We may disclose the data according to various specifications of types of users.


Zlatanblog maintains the retention policy that for how long the data is required in a company. If the Information is no longer require then it can be destroy. Aggregated data that do not identifies a browser, can be used for reporting and analysis.


We intentionally do not collect personal information from the children under 16. If we got to confirm that the user is under 16 then we do not accept their data, if in case we realize this after submission then we delete their data. If you are a kid then you are advised to not to interact with Zlatanblog.

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