Shah Rukh Khan: Unknown and Interesting Facts about SRK

In today’s blog, we’ll talk about unknown facts about Shah Rukh Khan that you may not have heard. Shah Rukh Khan has a huge fan following, and his fans across the world are increasing day by day. Recently Shah Rukh has completed his 22 years in the Bollywood industry.

Shah Rukh made his debut with the movie ‘Deewana’ 22 years ago. On 25th June, the movie ‘Deewana’ was released. Now, let’s discuss some unknown facts about SRK:

  1. He used to have the number 555, in fact, all his cars have the number 555 as he thought this is his lucky number.
  2. Shah Rukh doesn’t like dessert, such as ice cream.
  3. From his first salary, he went to Agra to see the Taj Mahal by train.
  4. Shah Rukh played a negative and positive role in the perfect manner. He played negative roles in the movies, such as Darr, Baazigar Anjaam, Don, Duplicate, and Don 2.
  5. Shah Rukh had a love marriage. SRK and Gauri Khan always make couple goals. Shah Rukh always wears his wedding ring even after achieving everything in life.
  6. He has also got the degree of his acts of philanthropy and humanitarianism from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Hence, he is Dr. Shah Rukh Khan.
  7. In 1998, he gave his award to his friend Salman Khan. Shah Rukh Khan won the Zee Cine Awards for the best actor but he gave it to Salman Khan.
  8. While remembering his mother Lateef Fatima, he donated Rs. 5 million to the Nanavati hospital.
  9. He is the only Indian, who is awarded by UNESCO for charity purposes.
  10. British actress Emma Watson follows only SRK among other Bollywood actors.
  11. He gets various national awards as well. In 1997, he received the best Indian citizen award.
  12. SRK is the only Indian actor who is allows to shoot inside Discovery Channel, Madame Tussauds, and NASA.
  13. SRK got an invitation for a speech from TED Vancouver.
  14. He always wanted to be an Army Officer. But, his mother didn’t want to let him go.
  15. He got the national honor of the Rajiv Gandhi Award in 2002 for Excellence in the field of entertainment.
  16. SRK’s Nani gave him the name Abdul Rehman, but later, his father changed his name.
  17. He started his filmy career by signing 5 movies in one day.
  18. In real life, Shah Rukh is afraid of horses.
  19. He co-produced 14 movies, including Mai Hoon Na, Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani, Ra.One, Chennai Express, and Om Shanti Om.
  20. He also worked on the small screen as he acted in various TV shows, such as Fauji, Circus, Host KBC, Zor Ka Jhatka: Total Wipeout, Kya Aap Panchvi Pass Se Tez Hain?
  21. When he was in St. Columbia School, he won the honor ‘Sword of Honour.’
  22. He is the 2nd Indian to have a wax statue at Grevin museum, after Mahatma Gandhi Ji.
  23. A Paris museum issued a gold coin in the honor of Shah Rukh Khan.
  24. In Malaysia, he has been given the status of Knighthood.
  25. He was an average student in Hindi and Math. Once his mother told him to get 10/10 in Hindi, and she will make him see a movie. And he studied the whole night and got 10/10 in Hindi and his mother took him to the theatre to make him see the movie ‘Joshila.’
  26. Before his success, he used to run a restaurant in Dariya Ganj.
  27. He always wears ironed Pyjamas before he goes to bed because he thought no one knows who may meet in the dreams.
  28. He didn’t read the script of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaenge (1995), and he agreed to act in the movie of Aditya Chopra.
  29. Shah Rukh has done cameos in 26 movies, including Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye, Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega, Heyy Baby, and Bhoothnath, etc.
  30. Shah Rukh Khan doesn’t like to wake up early in the morning as he is not a morning person. He wakes up late at night as many people know he tweets late at night.
  31. He is considered the biggest lover because he has done so many romantic roles and movies.
  32. Do you know when SRK realized that he is famous now? Well, once he was going somewhere with his friend on the bike, and one lady in the auto recognized him and waved her hand and said, ‘Shah Rukh!! Fauji.’ This was the time when he was doing TV shows.
  33. SRK was 18 years old when he met Gauri at the party and she was just 14 years old. He fell in love with her and Gauri became his wife.
  34. In an interview he said that buying his own house in Mumbai was a difficult task after the demise of his parents.
  35. He also admitted in an interview that he is very protective of people he loves and sometimes, he gets hyper.
  36. Shahid Kapoor admitted in an interview that SRK was one who motivates him to enter Bollywood when he saw him in Shamak Davar’s group.
  37. One of his fans in Los Angeles, Paige Wilson who makes clay statues of SRK for everything he does.
  38. There are 16 movies, in which Shah Rukh’s character dies. They are: Baazigar, Darr, Dil Se, Kal Ho Naa Ho, Devdas, etc.
  39. You may know that the left side of Shah Rukh Khan’s body was injured many times during the shoot. He has injuries on his left shoulder, left ankle, and left knees.
  40. He has been awarded 3 Honorary Doctorates from 3 international universities and a Chubb fellowship from Yale University.
  41. Bollywood actor Salman Khan revealed that Mannat could have been his house, but his father Salim didn’t approve of it because it is a too big bungalow. He said to Salman, what you will do in this too big bungalow. And Salman said he wants to ask this same question to SRK.

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