Things To Know Before Swimming With Whale Sharks

Since past years, whale shark tourism has exploded, although snorkeling is very real with tourist companies, you must have an awareness about the program. Here are a few things which must be added to the pool of your knowledge.


Whale Sharks – Largest Fish


swimming with whale sharks


Whale sharks are not really the whales instead they are the species of sharks that are categorized as fish. Whale sharks are the giant fishes in the world. They can grow up to a length of 40 feet long and weighs up to 20 tons and can survive till 100 years. Although they are massive in size, their brain is too small.


Filter Feeders




The answer to the question that Can they bite? — Is No. Whale sharks are the filter feeder and they are not the hunters, so there is no probability that they can bite you, even though they have teeth, their teeth are tiny that are not used for biting food as well.


Dietary Habits


Dietary Habits whale-sharks


Being a filter feeder, the choice of food of a whale shark is krill and plankton and sometimes the small fishes that are picked up their giant mouth. Even though a human body can easily be encompassed into the massive jaw span of the whale shark, the body can be easily ejected outside as the throat size of the whale shark is just about a size of a golf ball.


Place Of Their Congregation


swimming with whale sharks exmouth


Being the solitary souls, whale sharks gather only to mate. Usually, they do not prefer to travel in the pods, the only time when they do so is when they get the alert that there is a massive amount of food present underwater.
The congregation of whale sharks can be found from the month of April to August in the Ningaloo Reef in Exmouth. You can swim with whale sharks Exmouth at Ningaloo Reef between the Mid of March to Mid of September.


Choosing a Reliable Tour Operator


Ningaloo Whaleshark Tours N Dive Crusie


With the economic boost to the region of Ningaloo Reef as this place has attracted the maximum number of tourists in few years, there are numerous tour operating companies that do not follow the rules and regulations and provide you unsafe adventures.
Therefore, you must only opt for reliable tour operators who take small groups and work for the sustainability of the environment of whale sharks.


Human’s Foul Smell


Human’s Foul Smell -whale shark


Whale sharks do not like the foul smell of chemicals like in deodorant, sunscreen, perfumes, and shampoos, etc. by using these smelly chemicals we can make their eyes sting. They are much delicate to these smells. When before doing adventure with the whale sharks or whale shark diving, an efficient tour operator will definitely ask you to use only eco-friendly sunscreen by doing so whale sharks will stay in your surroundings for longer.

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