Thinking of Moving To Australia From Singapore?

The idea of moving to Australia from Singapore? Australia is very famous for Singaporeans. A total of three hundred thousand Singaporeans come to Australia for learning, working and some staying in one year.


It will be possible for a huge majority of people with a wide range of abilities to move to Australia and unlike many other countries in the world.


The best way to start rising and evolving as the leading country is by bringing more citizens to Australia with a landmass greater than Europe and a population smaller than 25 million. But although they have one of the world’s most gradual policies on immigration, they are only able to migrate the right kind.


Why Moving to Australia from Singapore


moving to Australia from Singapore


There are many reasons why people want to moving to Australia from Singapore, such as building an improved future for their families, a balance between work and life, advancing their training, or maybe simply escaping the bustle of city life.

At CM Relocation we helped many people from all walks of their lives and ex-pats, as well as Singapore Citizens, move from Singapore to Australia.

As most people relocate from Singapore to Australia, they have profound family or personal motives to move. It is a lifetime dream for some, it’s space, and the quality of life for others.

This is about living near the Ocean with huge sandy beaches and not just a shipping lane. For others it is a return to their place as a student or on their working holiday visas, they have built great souvenirs.

Many come to Australia to launch new companies or participate in the many resources the nation has to offer.



What would you do While you are an Australian Permanent Resident?

Permanent Residents are allowed to:

• Register for Medicare for free or subsidized medical treatments and certain subsidized medications
• Send your children at a subsidized or free rate to public education
• Buy second-hand property, i.e. a subscale home
• Qualification for other advantages under social insurance
• Apply for bank loans
• Apply for a first home owner’s grant
• Buy businesses and commercial property
• Start a business
• And a lot more

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