What is Naturopathy?

We discovered the keys to naturopathy and natural medicine from Adelaide Naturopath Christina White, nutritionist naturopath, and Keto Coach.

What is Naturopathy?

It is the health science that studies the human being from a natural, holistic and global point of view (physical, emotional and energetic plane), in order to prevent disease and cure the imbalances that cause it. It is what many people know popularly and very successfully as natural medicine.

‘Naturopathy is not a therapy, but goes much further, becoming a way of life’

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How to choose between modern medicine and naturopathy?

It is a question that gives a lot of if …Both types of medicine can be “modern”; Naturopathy is founded on natural laws that are not out of date and the most recent studies and the most innovative therapies, taking into account the personal and circumstantial circumstances of our society, and allopathic medicine has enough capital to be at the forefront of The most important advances and discoveries in the sector, the problem comes in the form of applying one or another medicine. Industrial medicine established bureaucratically (the “doctor”), in many cases, performs a rather mechanical task, based on outdated protocols many times and in many other times following the pulses that the pharmaceutical industry sets, being quite far from the nature of being human and his current circumstances, On the other hand, holistic medicine sometimes seems too interested in selling supplements and chimeras. Therefore I do not like to say that medicine is better or worse because simply different methods and philosophies are used that are complementary and that will be more or less adequate depending on the professionalism of the practitioner, according to the health circumstances and the personality of the patient.

My ideal would be to get an integrative, collaborative, and honestly applied for medicine.

What does a naturopath study?

A naturopath studies anatomy, biochemistry, metabolism and nutrition, pathophysiology, phototherapy, and different therapies and healing techniques; I specifically have complementary studies in oligotherapy, orthomolecular medicine, aromatherapy, Bach flowers, color psychology, iridology, and chiro massage.

How does naturopathy cure?

Naturopathy looks at health from a global point of view: emotions, environmental pollution, physical activity, nutrition, toxicity, etc., because the human being is a group formed by emotions, physical body, energy and external circumstances, and it would not be correct understand it from isolated points of view.
Recovers health through self-regulation of the body, respect for its natural balance and detoxification, paying special attention to prevention (holistic method).
Naturopathy not only treats symptoms but aims to get to the bottom of the problem to eliminate the root cause and disease.

What cures naturopathy?

Naturopathy is capable of treating any health disorder, however, the successful cases to regain balance and liver or kidney function, treat autoimmune diseases, overweight, allergies, inflammatory diseases such as rheumatism, digestive, eating disorders are surprising. or endocrine and common childhood disorders such as dermatitis, excess mucus, respiratory problems, etc.
We must bear in mind that most of the minor or serious illnesses of our ‘developed society’ are a direct cause of imbalances that can be avoided and corrected; therefore most of the current health disorders can be successfully treated from naturopathy applied correctly and constantly.

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