Why Email Marketing So Important

 Nowadays, with so many companies competing on the web it is important that virtual businesses look for a way to retain customers so that they do not leave. To achieve this, there are thousands of ways, but one of them and the most efficient is Email marketing.

Many will think that it is unlikely that email marketing can be an effective means to retain consumers, since many people prefer to avoid opening any email from a brand, thinking that it is a type of virus or spam. For that reason, it is also a bit difficult for them to share personal information via the web.

In the following article, we will show how important it can be for a brand that it develops Email marketing within its digital marketing strategy.

Knowing email marketing

As its name says, email marketing is based on sending emails to all users of a brand. This tool includes the distribution of mailing, newsletter, etc. In addition, it provides efficiency in the dissemination of quality content, since it allows you to personalize the information, so that it feels more direct for each user.


Then, we can affirm that, precisely its relevance in the digital marketing strategy lies in the same fact that it allows an efficient approach to the consumers of a brand. That is why email marketing becomes essential within the strategy.

On the other hand, there are other reasons why this tool should be implemented and they are the following:

New technologies

  • Today, the use of gadgets (cell phones, tablets, etc.) are increasingly common among people. Its applications are endless; however, one of the most used after WhatsApp and Facebook is email. In real time, users know if an email has arrived and depending on the sender, they open it.
  • That is why it is important for brands to optimize the content of emails, so that customers do not have any impediment to open and interact with it. Within these, they could inform about promotions or offers that attract their attention.

Immediate access to the database

Another advantage of email marketing is that it allows you to access a database anywhere and at any time of the day.


Email marketing allows the brand to filter its database, so that it can send personalized emails to each of its clients.

Immediate actions

Thanks to this tool and depending on the quality content of the email, the company will be able to get consumers to generate some type of action that favours them, whether it is to buy the product, register on the portal or compete for a prize that the brand is offering.

Online Reputation

When a company wants to use the web to disseminate its products or services, it has to make sure that the process of acquiring these by users will be carried out without any problem through the web.

If a company does not take care of this process, then the user will be forced to doubt the validity of what it offers. If in case, the company has committed a fault in front of the consumer, then, when the brand sends an email about a promotion or offer, the user will hesitate to open it.

Direct contact with customers

Another advantage is that if the brand directly informs its customers that they will send those emails with a promotion, users will be less likely to delete them.


Although many people and companies consider that Email marketing is not efficient at all, it is important to consider it within the digital marketing strategy. You have to insist. Email marketing is relevant, since it is a database source that can help the brand reach specific users and thus provide them with personalized content, without the need to send one by one.

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