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Write for us: If your writing skills are unusual, you have got expertise in education. Also, if you would like to share your bundle of knowledge with a growing number of readers, we would love to hear from you. Take some of your time to read this article it is going to answer all the queries that are combating in your mind regarding the type of content that you must come up with while writing for Zlatanblog. Our basic aim is to convey good quality content. It would be an honor to share your experiences with your projects. Your work will get rewarded with full credit. Once your work is accepted, you will get feedback from our team. Then you will work closely with the editor. You will feel amazing when thousands of readers will read your work, and you will also learn a lot in the whole process.

Zlatanblog brings together the authors from different streams. We welcome all the authors who want to give any advice on Health, Fitness, Business, Education, Technology, Finance, Entertainment, Sports, and any other field without any restrictions. You are allowed to cover any topic that interests you the most and hooks the audience throughout the blog. If you are thinking of guest posts on Zlatanblog.com, it will be a pleasure for us. We always look for new creative authors. According to us the guest posts are successful if these are comprehensive, well presents, and luring posts that attract our readers and teach them something from your pool of knowledge.

Points Taken Care Of For Every Post We Publish

In order to submit an article to Zlatanblog.com, you must assure that you comply with all the following terms:

  • You must pay close attention to grammar and spellings. Assure that your post is easy to read and has a relevant subject.
  • Plagiarism is unauthorized. While putting the guest post you must safeguard that the sources are efficiently credited and bear the responsibility of improper citations or plagiarism.
  • The preferred length of each blog must be 800 to 2000 words. At our own discretion, we may make exceptions to this.
  • The content that is provided to us cannot be published anywhere else without our consent and must be the original work of the guest blogger.
  • We can edit any post to assure our adherence to the value of the company. We also take the consent of a blogger with certain variations.
  • We reserve the right to eliminate any links within the post. This can be done without any prior notice.
  • If the post needs enhancements, we send a message to the blogger or guest to give important suggestions.
  • We reserve the right to discard any videos or images and we can also use our own. We accept certain images that are related to the content.
  • We do not give any guarantee to our bloggers or guests regarding specific audience reach.
  • You must agree to the terms that you are not becoming part of the website Zlatanblog.com or the company after proving any post for us.
  • Do-follow backlinks which you use in your blogs will remain for one month. After one month, all those do-follow backlinks will be removed from our side. If you want backlinks in your blog, then you have to pay for them. For more information, you can reach us through info@zlatanblog.com

Categories of Articles That We Publish That You Write For Us

We publish such articles written by people who are adapted to work on the web and write an article for people who work on the web. These involve:

  • OPINION: If you have any opinion on something in our industry. The opinion in an exclusive way is considered to be more attractive. These might make significant talking points.
  • TUTORIALS: By assisting people to get started with the new technology or walking them by the phase of building a project.
  • GUIDES: Lengthy articles dig into a subject efficiently. A piece of reference that that people will return to time frequently.
  • CASE STUDIES: What your organization adapts from a particular assignment. These are required to be concentrated on the practical illustrations that will be useful for other people.

We Do Not Accept These

  • Please search our website first then publish your article because we do not accept the articles which have been covered before.
  • Any blog that consists of any valuable data and serves as a motive of link-building.
  • Any writing which promotes your organization or your company.
  • Any work which is copied, offensive or inaccurate.
  • Any work that promotes only a few opinions without any solid grounds.

How You Can Write Guest Post If You are Not Subscribed

You can use the contact form below mentioning the below message:

  • Word count
  • Paragraph related to the main outline
  • Images and graphics gave by you

Then we will get back to you and if it will be approved, you must send the following:

  • Image files with a separate folder
  • Your full post in a Word or Google Document.
  • Short author bio that involves anchor text link to your website.

Then our team will let you know regarding the status that your article has been published along with the link to be used. The whole procedure can take almost two weeks.

How You Can Become Regular Contributor to Write With Us

We provide you with an authorship scheme if you will be interested to publish articles every week. For a monthly subscription, you can sign up with us. We will create your individual profile with photograph (200*200 pixels). You will get access to your profile that allows you to publish your article. But, for safety and quality purposes, we will cross-check each article before it goes live.


  • Accepted file types: doc, pdf.
    Allow only Docs and pdf files


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