Follow Beauty Tips before bride to be

Every girl wants to look perfect on her wedding day and wants her skin and make-up to look perfect. It’s one of the most unique days and a day you’re going to be photographed a lot as well. The wedding date, the guest lists, and the decorations are spent months on deciding. Every waking moment of the bride is consumed by the thoughts of her clothes and accessories. Follow Beauty Tips Before Bride to be. 

Facial and Hair Spa

If you have less time, pick a gold face for two weeks. Take a patch test before you apply new skin products. Start a hair spa once per month and start this treatment at least six months before marriage, just like facials, for smooth and healthy hair. There are also natural masks to be used to get a certain shine in your hair if you don’t like chemical hair spas.

Start Homemade Treatment

If you have so many traces or spots on your skin, medicinal sessions are your way to easily make the skin fairer and spotless. Opt for specialist skin, sunburn, and pigmentation treatments.

Test home-made facial packs after the necessary number of meetings to keep the look free. Keep the glow by preparing a few fruit facial packs of mashed strawberries, apples, or papaya. The best way to ensure the impact of the clinical procedure is to provide home beauty instructions for brides.

Wonderful hands and feet

Before you go to bed at night, keep your hands and feet soft by massaging their olive oil. This protects the hands and feet from the dry skin. The appearance is made more desirable by polled nails both in the feet and hands. You definitely need to keep clean and polished nails by manicure and pedicure every bi-week or month.


Stop crash diets or aggressive workout hours 1-2 months prior to marriage Otherwise You might look bored and irritable. Check with a dietitian and a personal trainer for a toned body. Start to work out four months before the wedding, particularly in areas such as tummy and thighs, to achieve an effective loss of weight.

 Use Diet Plan

You should drink enough water to keep your body toxin-free. Go for a minimum of 8-10 water glasses. Choose to shed the bloat with coconut water or lime water. Eat a healthy, fruit, green vegetables, and protein diet to Stay Fit.

Stop junks such as chips, chocolates, ice creams, and sodas. They lead to skin issues and bloating. It’s all right to have a couple of cheat days, just keep them under control. Choose snacks like fruit and sprouts, safe and nutritious.


If you don’t want to get into the horrible dark circle, do not compromise with sleep. You should sleep 8 to 10 hours per day.  Before the wedding, sleep is completely important. A glossy skin will definitely not look good on a wedding day or under your eyes with dark circles.

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