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Diabetes is a disease in lifestyles where the glucose levels of an individual are too high. Symptoms include common urination, appetite, hyperactivity, weight loss, and blurred vision. The symptoms of diabetes can be controlled by following a full diet plan for diabetes. Everybody knows about the most common thing that is associated with a person living with diabetes.

Do you know that?

  • It’s probably giving up one of your favourite foods.
  • Like, skip the rice, have a chapatti instead.
  • Have tea without sugar.
  • No sugar, only salty snacks.
  • You all must have heard it said it to diabetic people.

As diabetes is a dangerous disease, knowing about how to control it, is very crucial. The correct diet and good treatment of the body play an important role in managing the condition.

Diabetes Meal Planning

  • To plan the meals, two common tools are Counting Carbohydrates and the Plate Method.
  • The meal plan is the perfect guide that suggests how, when, and what to consume to get the desired nutrition while keeping the blood sugar level in the targeted range.
  • Carbohydrates, Protein, Fiber, and Fats influence the level of blood sugar in a different manner.


By keeping the track of the number of calories consumed and setting a limit for every meal can assist you to keep the level of blood sugar in the targeted range. To find out the number of carbs that you may consume each day, you may work with your Keto Coach or dietician.

Using GI (Glycemic index external Icon) to manage carbs that you eat is another method. GI ranks carbohydrates present in the food from 0 to 100 as per how much they influence the level of blood sugar.

Low GI foods are digested slowly and are absorbed by the body; therefore you get a feeling of fullness for longer. GI foods are absorbed and digested quickly and have a big influence on blood sugar and you get hungry soon.


It is often easy to consume more food than you actually require without realizing it. The plate method is a simple method to ensure you get enough non-starchy vegetables and lean protein and limit the amount of food that is enriched in crabs that has more tendency to spike the blood sugar level.

You may begin with a dinner plate of 9-inches:

  • Fill its one quarter with protein like beans, eggs, tofu, and turkey, etc.
  • Combine half with non-starchy vegetables such as lettuce, bacon, cauliflower, carrots, and cold cloves.
  • Fill a quarter of it with starchy food or grain-like potatoes, rice, or pasta.

 Diabetic Diet Food List

Some of the foods help to lower the blood sugar levels, this certainly helps to play a crucial role in controlling the level. Foods that help avoid diabetes problems, including renal and cardiac disorders, are also advantageous to eat.  We identify some diabetic foods that play an important role in the condition’s management.


Green leafy vegetables contain fewer calories and are rich in nutritional value. Low indigestible carbohydrates mean these play a crucial role in controlling the level of sugar.


These are the richest in fiber and contain lower digestible carbohydrates. The fiber in chia seeds reduces the blood sugar level as the rate at which food passes into the intestines slows down and gets absorbed.

The fibers in the chia seeds give a feeling of fullness and prevent overeating and less weight gain. Chia seeds are found to lower the blood pressure levels.


Greek yogurt is a good dairy option for diabetic people, as it has the efficiency to control the level of blood sugar and decreases the risk of heart diseases. This is just because of the probiotics present in them.

The studies have revealed that Greek yogurt can even result in weight loss. While being richer in protein, Greek yogurt consists of fewer carbohydrates than conventional yogurt.


Even though it is made from apples, the sugar contained in the fruit is fermented to acetic acid and the resulting product consists of fewer carbohydrates.

ACV enhances insulin sensitivity and reduces the fasting blood sugar level. It may also lower blood sugar levels by 20% when it is consumed with certain meals that contain carbohydrates.


The advantages of garlic are phänomenal. It can improve inflammation, LDL, and blood sugar in people with Type 2 diabetes. It can help decrease the body’s blood pressure. Moreover, garlic is also low in calories, its single clove consists of only 4 calories that have only 1 gram of carbohydrates.


All the nuts are low indigestible fiber and contain fiber, even though they may have varying levels. The research conducted on various fibers has shown that their intake can decrease inflammation and may lower HbA1c, LDL level, and blood sugar in the body.

According to studies, people with diabetes who included a minimum of 30g of walnuts in their diet for the whole year lost weight and lowered insulin levels.


The antioxidants present in strawberries, anthocyanins, give them the red color. These anti-oxidants reduce the level of insulin and cholesterol immediately after the meal.

The information given in this article is for the awareness of the patient only. You must always check with your doctor.

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