Secret behind James Corden’s 23 Pounds Weight Loss Transformation

James Corden Reveals the Secret to His 23-Pound Weight Loss

Everyone knows James Corden, a British comic actor, writer, and famous television personality, and he is known for his self-deprecating humour and likability. James Corden has recently lost 23 pounds after undergoing an impressive weight loss transformation. The host of the show ‘The Late Late Show’ was signed on an ambassador in January for WW (formerly Weight Watchers), says that he has not done something extreme of reducing 23 pounds, but he said that he would like to appreciate one thing that helped in reducing weight and changing his life.

As his New Year resolution, he has often spoken about the fight for the bulge, and he decided to win this time. In February, he shared that he shed 16 pounds with a workout that he admitted that he hates it, but he chose to do it for his successful weight loss transformation.

In an interview on 13 May on ‘The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show’, he explained that he has changed his view for weight loss and choosing a diet plan is a thing of the past.

He said that he has cracked every diet in the world. After that, he realized that the way of going on a diet for weight loss is wrong. He explained that you are not changing your diet, but you are changing the way you eat. And you’ll change the way of eating forever. He further added that the year 2020 taught everyone to take care of themselves, and self-care is the top-most priority. He said that he called WW because he believes that they have tools that can help him to make this change.

Corden may choose to follow a moderate approach for weight loss, but that is not the only thing that he has learnt through weight loss. Read the full blog to know the trick that he has used for weight loss.

  • His Exercising Routine


Corden accepted on ‘The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show’ that he used to move more to get healthier. He said that he used to exercise. In an interview with Oprah for WW, Corden credited his wife that she motivated him to exercise on daily basis.

He said that his wife is good at it and they used to do it together daily and they also do some weights. He explained that he often said to his wife in the afternoon that he feels much better about himself.

  • He Engaged his Family for Support

He Engaged his Family for Support

In a WW interview, he said that his entire family was there to support him. He credited his wife who has helped him to reduce weight. His family was also on that show. He also added that he did it because of his family.

  • Healthy Version of Corden’s Favorite Dishes

The amazing thing about Corden’s diet is that he never gave up on his favourite food, but he made his favourite food in a healthy way. He said that mostly chickpea pizza has been prepared at home.

He explained that they prepare a base of chickpea pizza with marinara sauce and they avoid adding too much cheese, but they use broccoli and onion on it.

  • Occasional Cheat Meal


Corden has not completely avoided meals to reduce weight, but he enjoyed consuming cheat meals in moderation. He said that on his wife’s birthday, they got takeout from their favourite restaurant, and he had a good meal, but after that, he started up where he was and he carried on.

In this all, he thanked his wife who always supports him and keeps him motivating even when Corden often complained about the workouts. Corden has a huge fan following around the world, and he delivers medicines in the form of advice. He also said that he did not want to get embarrassed when he is following his son on soccer and after 3 minutes gets breathless. He mentioned that he wanted to be fit for his wife Julia Carey and three children.

He said that weight is not the problem, it is actually wellness of it, and he said that he is ready to manage it. He decided to take this year to work towards getting healthy day by day.

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