The Benefits of Online Tutor

Many parents are sure that only personal lessons and private tutors are suitable for effective preparation for exams.  Virtual tutoring has never been so simple with technology creating new opportunities to learn.. Someone simply does not know how and where to find online courses. Meanwhile, online training is not only able to compete with offline tutors, but also quite successfully replaces the usual courses and classes, having a number of advantages. Doubt it? Let’s take the place of students and parents and consider the arguments for online classes.

From the point of view of children:

Time: If the child has a very busy schedule, then online classes are objectively more convenient – you do not need to spend time on the road and you can create a schedule taking into account the child’s employment.

Safety: Each parent worries about the safety of their child. Online classes fully provide this – no need to get to a tutor in the dark, if classes take place in the evenings.
Information. If the student has not learned any part of the information or wants to re-listen to it, most online schools provide stored lesson notes or materials that were used during the lesson so that he can repeat the lesson in a short time.

Interactive technology: Online tutors use interactive whiteboards, audio and video files, scripts, catchy patterns, and drawings.

Always in touch: If you need to wait with the tutor for the next lesson, then the online classes has such a function as chats with teachers – you can write to them at any time if you do not understand something about the topic or homework.

From the point of view of parents:

Qualification of teachers: Unfortunately, it is not always possible to find out the qualifications of the teacher you are contacting privately and his ability to work with children, as this information is not recorded anywhere and is not verified by anyone. The only possible option is the recommendations of acquaintances and friends. But what if one teacher came up with one child and not yours? Pointlessly spent money and time looking for a new tutor. In online classes, all teachers are carefully selected in several stages. Highly qualified teachers with genuine certificates work there. And you can always read reviews of other students.

The ability to quickly change the teacher: If you or your child understand that the teacher is not suitable for one reason or another, you can leave a request, and already in the next lesson a new teacher will be waiting for you. And, most importantly, the location of classes does not change.

Control: You can attend classes at any time and see for yourself the quality of your knowledge. Moreover, unlike home tutoring at the tutor, you will always be sure that your child is not skipping classes. Most online schools have information on when the lesson was and how long it lasted.

Free lesson: In online tutors, there is always the first free lesson that will allow you to understand without financial loss whether it is worth taking online classes for the child, and which teacher is best for him.

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