Tips and Advice for Indians Moving Back to India

Are you an Indian living in the Singapore and wondering how big “back home” would be? Have you spent several years living in Singapore but now you are thinking if you’d better be in India? Planning to move to India from Singapore.

When you are an Indian staying overseas and dreaming of moving back. Read on.
Back to India has numerous advantages. You need not worry about visas to live in the Singapore – you eliminate the stress of applying for extensions, filing for family and worrying about the paperwork costs.
You like you ‘re no longer a foreigner – you ‘re at ease. Besides that, in Singapore you enjoy all of the food you missed, the festivals that now you can participate, and many people feel more attractive in a family and friendly environment.


Why Do You Want to Move Back to India?

First and only, you need to ask yourself the key question and answer it truly: why do you want to move to India? The response to the question could determine how far you are managing the change and whether your home country is genuinely content. It is better to return because you will be struggling through the rejustment time when you launch your new life in India.

You get irritated by all things which are not that nice, traffic, unnecessary crowds, noise, illegal growth, once you get there. You would need a strong excuse for your return to India as you readjust to live during this transitional time.


Looking for a Work

It might be possible that you will be continuing with the same organization even after moving back to India. If not, while you are still in the Singapore you should start browsing the Indian work portals.A lot of Indians consider work in the West a tough task, and they chose to move to India to get a decent career and to pay well for it. It’s undoubtedly possible that India should make effective use of the resources you have seen in the West.

Yet do you suppose you would return to India and be welcomed with open arms if you have an international degree or job experience in the Singapore? Some are in the same position as you are. You need to do what you want in Singapore and be in a successful position for yourself in India – build an appealing resume that displays your credentials, search for positions where you can be an advantage, and focus on your presenting skills. Yet you can not neglect the reality that India ‘s rising growth is a strong attraction.


Returning to be with Family

Some of the most important explanations for international moving why Indians return to the land is to be reunited with friends and relatives. In fact it is one good excuse to spend time with an old parent. Some feel that they are in Singapore alone and miss being close to the people they love. Back with your families is a good explanation for the journey, because as you return, many people become more happy and satisfied.


Large Things Sold Off

It may not be a smart idea to carry your vehicle, TV and refrigerator with you to India as the travel costs can be high. Selling them is easiest. Yet don’t plan to do so after last week. Once you don’t, you might end up with a poor deal.


Ship Needed Things

Please categorize anything you want to sell, donate and ship. Make sure you choose an affordable and trustworthy shipping service and carry it correctly into shipping containers.

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Close Bank Accounts

Have your finances correct before you leave the country. Closes bank accounts and payment cards-once you disable your accounts, you can not get money back and your financial history is destroyed.




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