Simple Exercise to Better Sleep

For your mind and soul working out is a great option. It may also aid you to get good sleep at night. However, some people while exercising late in the day could interfere with their rest pattern at night. You should do simple Exercises to better Sleep.

Exercise will minimize the time you need to sleep and the time you spend waking during the night. Exercises also enhance sleep time and quality. Experts suggest that sturdy exercises within an hour of bedtime, meditation, and stretching have been linked with improvement of sleep quality. With these types of exercises, the body experiences abundance of claiming hormones and physiological reactions which quits the nervous system.


The researchers have yet not understood how physical activity enhances sleep.  However, it is considered that moderate aerobic exercises increase the slow-wave sleep that you take. Slow-wave sleep is the deep sleep in which the body and the brain avail the chance to rejuvenate. Exercises also assist to stable the mood and decompress the mind that is a cognitive process and is crucial for naturally transitioning to sleep.

Below is the simple routine that you can follow for a calming transition just before bedtime.

 Cow or cat

The move between cow and cat yoga poses to release the upper-back and neck tension and it also synchronizes the breath and movement that calms the body and mind. Lie into a tabletop position on the floor keeping your hands and knees under the hips. Exhale the chin and tuck it down the neck into the chest. Take 4-5 breaths now.

Child’s Pose

This pose helps to release the tension in the back and the shoulders. It gently stretches the hips and gives a relaxing effect. Now your big toe touches each other and your knees are apart since they are required to be let the breathe deeply. Walk the hands outwards in your front and stretch through arms. Your forehead could be rested on the ground, for some massage place a tennis ball under the forehead and roll it from side to side.

Thread the Needle

This twist releases the shoulder tension and begins to stretch and loosen the back. Place the handles in the top position of the table under the shoulders and the knees below the hips. Take the right arm and the hand that faces the body when you inhale. Now exhale the right arm and put it under the chest, and rest on the shoulder. Exhale the arm underneath the chest and rest on the shoulder. Turn the right palm towards the sky and right cheek on the ground. Press the left palm into the earth. Hold this for four breaths. Now while inhaling, sweep the right hand towards the sky for a soft counter-twist.

Low Lunge

In this exercise the psoas muscles get opened, it is the deepest muscle that connects the spine to the legs. It helps us to move in a forward direction while walking or running and support the internal organs and connect the diaphragm that directly influences our breath.

Now come back to the tabletop. Place the right foot in a forward direction between the hands and slide the left knee farther behind you. Keep the hands on the floor that frame the front foot, or can place them on the front knee. Now take six to eight breaths and switch the legs.

Neck Massage with Balls

This exercise assists to release the tension from the neck area and it stimulates the vagus nerve which is the driving force behind the parasympathetic nervous system that influences mood and sleep. Now come down onto the back with a yoga block under the head. Turn the head towards the right and keep the ball on the upper neck behind the ears. Now take five deep breaths. Nod “yes” in a gentle manner for three to four times, and then nod “no” for four times. Then switch the sides.

Legs up the wall

This position extends the hamstrings to the lower back strain and eliminates any swelling or cramps from long-standing or sitting up. Sit while placing one hip next to the wall. Swing the legs parallel towards the wall to lean back and rest the upper body from the ground by forming an L-shape. To add support, you may keep a folded blanket beneath the low back. This lifts the butt off the ground. Take the right index finger towards the nose, close the right nostril. It reduces blood pressure, anxiety, and body temperature. Click on the feet into the wall and roll on one foot. Stay on this site for few breaths; now come out of the pose after some time.


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