We invite you to write as a guest Author on our blog.

Would you like to write as a guest author on Zlatan Blog?

We tell you in our article today what steps you should take into account to publish your guest article with us.

Get in touch with us

Write us an email to info@zlatanblog.com telling us your proposal to collaborate on our blog.

You can talk about almost any topic related to business, technology, education, travel, and many more. We only ask that you first check our blog to verify that the subject has not been previously covered.

Zlatan Blog will have to approve your proposal before you start writing your guest post.

Some tips to make us accept your proposal

The proposed topic must be treated in depth, adding value to our readers with content enriched with examples, statistics, or data that reinforce said content.

Write about a topic that is your specialty. The article must highlight our platform.

Once Accepted

  • You must request your access to our WordPress through your email, where you will make the first draft of your article with the main headlines and a brief summary of the content, which will be verified by Zlatan Blog before developing your post-in-depth.
  • Images must always be optimized, using keywords. Send them separately so they do not lose quality when they are published.
  • If you use stock images, they must be copyright-free images and always name the source of origin.
  • The content must be completely original and not have been published in any other blog, site, or social networks.
  • The article must have at least 1000 words and not exceed 3000. Although we prefer quality over quantity.
  • Add titles and subtitles that help the reader to easily scan the content and make it easier for them to read.
  • The main headline should be around 60 characters long and if you can optimize it for SEO, so much the better!
  • Remember that in our blog we always talk about you to our reader, do not hesitate to do the same.
  • We will verify that our direct or indirect competition is not mentioned and we reserve the right to modify or eliminate content that refers to the competition.


  • You can include in your article 1 or 2 links to the different content of your blog (always content related to the subject).
  • We will notify you in advance if any of the proposed links should be modified.

Topics you can write about

We give you some ideas on possible topics. The content must be related to:

  • Business
  • Technology
  • Health
  • Education
  • Travel
  • Finance
  • SEO

Final considerations

You must add a short description of no more than 400 characters with your BIO.

We try to publish your content as soon as possible, once it has been reviewed by our team and our team is available at your services 24/7. Remember that the most important thing for everyone is that the content adds value to the reader. Take advantage of the visibility of our site and collaborate with us with your knowledge about digital marketing.

We appreciate your interest in collaborating with us and we look forward to your proposals to write your guest article with ZlatanBlog!

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