Where in Australia can you Swim with Whale Sharks?

In Western Australia, the Ningaloo Reef is a popular hot-spot for whale shark diving, with operations expanded seasonal periods to support numbering movement (July – October annually). They give day-long tours and hold their tours very limited with up to 10 visitors, which keeps all interactions with the whales healthy and personal. If the humpbacks behave appropriately and the environment makes, you will get them in the bath.

There are numerous operators that run whale shark and humpback tours, including Ningaloo Whaleshark N Dive.

The experience of life is swimming with whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef. Are you aware: in their existence, just 1 in 3 million people worldwide swim with a whale shark?


Whale Sharka Diving Exmouth


Why swim with Whale Sharks at Ningaloo?

Ningaloo Reef actually has the most interaction levels and availability in Australia, with an interaction level of 97 percent in 2016, a rate of 94 percent in 2017 and a rate of 97 percent in 2018.

Tourists are therefore almost sure to swimming with whale sharks successfully. Ningaloo is one of the few locations in the world that can be accurately found in big numbers of this massive yet totally harmless species.

When and Where do Tours operate?

Take a whale shark tours from Exmouth or Coral Bay to view or snorkel and experience the biggest gathering of wildlife!
Such gentle ocean giants assemble in the Ningaloo Marina Park every year in the wake of extensive coral breeding between the middle of March and the April of August. Whale Shark Season 2020 in Exmouth, We invite you from April to August to visit us in a lifetime experience on the Ningaloo Reef ‘ Swim with Whale Shark in Exmouth,’ a magnificent being in the big Indian Ocean off the shore of the WA.

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