8 Reason to Swim with Whale Sharks on Ningaloo Reef

In the country, several locations advertise with whale sharks but the Ningaloo Reef is the safest place to swim. Here is why.

The Australian Government is Heavily Regulated

Many Australians would lament the fact that, as a consequence of all its stringent regulations, Australia is a nanny country. This is a prime example of why the laws of childhood are effective. The number of licenses to run tours between Coral Bay and Exmouth is currently limited to 15 (more than 150 km). This means not all boat owners are able to manage an enterprise that sells whale sharks to tourists. All the strict regulations are in place to safeguard whale sharks and provide a pleasant experience for swimmers as well.

Our Eco-Tourism Practices

One percentage of each ticket selling whale shark visits the major research and conservation efforts of Dr. Brad Norman of ECO CLEAN who has identified more than seven,500 individual whale sharks from the global monitoring database, including more than 1,300 individual whale sharks from Australia alone. This work helps the world to get a better understanding of the animals.

There can be Only 10 People With One Whale Shark at a Time

And even with 10 participants, it was cramped enough. This limit means that you will have a better experience and there is minimal interruption in toe shark’s swimming and migration. This means you have a great deal of experience.

No Sighting Policy

Mutually tour operators provide a no sighting policy, which offers visitors free of charge to the next appropriate day of travel. In the beginning of a trip from March to August (Exmouth) and March to the end of June (Coral Bay), visitors are urged to book an early whale shark experience (before their flights and lodging!) and visits.

Not Only The Big Fish

You’re not just going to watch whale sharks visiting, our marine park is so beautiful that there are 500 coral fish, six sea turtle varieties, several different types of aquatic but coastal reefs, including the manta rays, dolphins, dugong, and whales!

You can also Snorkel and have Fun in the Ningaloo Reef

A few snorkeling experiences were included on our Ningaloo Whaleshark Tours-N Dive. We all jumped in and swam with the crew when they spotted some manta rays. Later that afternoon Daniel and I watched 3 reef-sharks, 3 heaps of tropical fish, and a blue-spotted stingray. You spend on the cruise, snorkeling, and whale shark diving for a whole day.

Take Your Time

The mean time in the ocean is 12 minutes and 50 seconds on a “rush” with a whale shark. We suggest that you take a minute, enjoy the amazing serenity and wonder about the special pattern of white spots that forms their gray body since each shark is distinctive.

Harmless for people

Whale hogs are vegetarian ones, most of them feeding on plankton (they consume very unusual krill fish). The gullet really just contains a golf ball.

What do you expect? Book your dive today!

It is unbelievable that I feel comfortable and perfectly safe with an animal 3-4 times my size. I am very grateful to have had this in Western Australia and this is one of my finest experiences in life. Do do that in the Ningaloo Islands, if this is on the bucket list.

The only company with a catamaran is Ningaloo Whaleshark N Dive that should help you get seasick. This was a no-brainer for us, Daniel receives terrible sea disease. We had an explosion on the crew, all as passionate about the ocean as they were. Check-in and book your Ningaloo Whale Shark tours at the latest costs.

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