5 Adventurous Destinations To Visit With Kids

Many of us have spent the entire 2020 in lockdowns or under restricted movements. Now that the vaccines are getting ready, we are eager to hang out, go on a backpacking trip, and enjoy the freedom. It is essential to choose a kid-friendly destination if you have children. 

Kids of all ages have been leaning on screens that we were trying to restrict before the pandemic. They feel stuck at home without going to school and playing on open grounds. Therefore, it is the right time to get them to do fun-filled activities. With an adventure-based trip, you can get them close to nature and spend time without relying on technology. Here are a few holiday options that you can explore together as a family.

1.San Diego, California

Parks, beaches, aquariums, zoos, museums, and a host of eateries, San Diego, offers the best recreation and sight-seeing activities for kids and grown-ups. Balboa Park is a must-visit place here. Spread over 1200 acres, it is one of the largest urban parks in the world. With several museums, gardens, the San Diego Zoo, and cultural institutions, it might take more than a day to explore the park. 

When you have kids visiting along, do not miss the New Children’s Museum. Here you can engage them with science-based games and introduce DIY arts. If you wish to explore the jungle world, the Zoo Safari Park is the right choice. The kids can see rare and exotic animals. There are options like jeep excursions, Flightline services, and walking trails. Inside the zoo, there is the safari-themed park where kids can swing on ropes and walk on log bridges. You can have simulator rides and computer-generated visuals for a better understanding of the undersea world.

Try to visit the old town, 17th Century historic buildings, and relish on authentic Mexican and Spanish cuisine available at the eateries there. In the evenings, you can also cruise around the San Diego Bay, hike on the bayside trail, and check out Old Point Loma Lighthouse and Cabrillo National Monument. San Diego has a lot more recreational spots. So pack your gear on the Subaru roof rack and head to the coastal city of California.


Snow-capped mountains, vast grasslands, and meandering rivers make the state of Montana the best for adventure lovers. It is not for adults alone, but a perfect fun time for kids too. Dinosaur stories have always been exciting and intriguing for children. Many kids wonder if they existed at all. But Montana is home to many fossils of dinosaurs. You can visit the fossil locations as part of the dinosaur trail. To see one of the world’s largest T-Rex skulls, check out the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman. 

A must-visit attraction here is the Glacier National Park. Abundant wildlife, clear river waters, and glacier-clad lakes at higher altitudes make you forget your stress and energize the young ones. At the park’s western entrance is the Whitefish Mountain Resort. You can go horse riding, hiking, and winter; there are options like skiing, snowboarding, and dog sledding. You can take a boat tour of the Missouri River. The brave ones can canoe on the upper stretch of the river. 


Filmy roots, Olympic location, rocky desert, and snowy heaven – Utah has it all. The red rocky cliffs, stone arches, and the clear water flowing on the pebbles of various shapes and hues give you a feeling of a marvel land. You can view these spectacular scenes at the Zion National Park. Options like hiking, horse rides, or jeep drives are available for the visitors. If museum visits, amusement parks, and skiing are on your wish list, then a trip to Salt lake city is apt. The other reason for choosing the place is the kid-friendly eateries here. 

Kids love to explore life on a ranch. They like getting closer to farm animals, wear cowboy hats, and ride on a horse. And, all of these activities are available at the Dude Ranches in Utah.


With blue skies, warm beaches, and wetlands, the sunshine state welcomes you throughout the year. You cannot miss the iconic Walt Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando. Water parks, golf courses, shark aquarium, dolphin nursery, Harry Potter universe, Madame Tussaud’s waxworks, and the list of venues go on. The best part is you have child-friendly hotels, eateries, and resorts.  

The kids love the beach, and the options are plenty in Florida. One can choose calm, tranquil beaches or the busy ones with games, vendors, music, and parties. Water-based adventures like jet-skiing, kayaking are always a choice. Here, you can go on a pirate cruise, check out shipwrecks, pretend treasure hunting. If you have nerdy ones, take them to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

5.Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, well-known as an international business hub, is one of the finest places for adventure-lovers. Chicago has beautiful gardens, theme parks, kid-friendly exhibitions, and museums. First on our list is the Lincoln Park Zoo, where you can be fascinated by the exotic animals. At Maggie Daley Park, try skating, wall-climbing, and unique rides. A few other attractions here include the Museum of Science and Industry, Oz Park, Navy Pier, Emerald City Theatre, and Chicago Magic Lounge.

Final Thoughts

Children haven’t been to schools this year. Moreover, online classes, indoor games, and digital entertainment cannot be equivalent to open beaches, mountain trails, and vast grasslands. As a result, it is essential to plan vacations to kid-friendly locations. Let them explore nature and have fun.

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