BTS’ Jimin’s Weight Loss Transformation

Various celebrities from Bollywood to Hollywood everyone have been making weight loss transformation to look more attractive. Now, there is another popular celebrity, BTS’ Jimin followed the diet for weight loss. Now, we’ll discuss what diet Jimin followed in order to reduce weight.

Weight Loss Transformation of Jimin

Jimin is a BTS member who holds the position of the main dancer in the group. Among other members of the group, Jimin is known for his perfectionism, and he always makes efforts to give his best, whether it is his performance or his appearance. Jimin always considers others’ opinion that is why he puts himself under pressure to maintain his body. Since his debut, he always grabs the attention because of his body figure.

With ‘No More Dreams,’ Jimin made his debut in 2013 with a muscular body. When he showed his abs in the choreography, his fans went crazy. However, after his debut, Jimin has changed his appearance and he started looking slimmer and skinnier. At first glimpse, Jimin’s fans didn’t have any problem with his looks. However, because he started looking unhealthy and skinny, his fans became worried about his health and look.


Jimin accepted that he ate once throughout the day during his busy schedule. He also admitted that because of his diet, he got tired and missed out on dance rehearsals. To remind Jimin, his fans started trending the #YouArePerfectJimin so that he should take care of his health, instead of working on weight loss.

Over time, Jimin’s looks changed. Jimin has transformed his appearance from a muscular boy to a cute and charming boy.

BTS’ Jimin’s Diet

During an interview, Jimin said that during BTS’s practice, he wanted to look stunning, that’s why he decided to follow a strict diet plan. And, Jimin’s diet was known as one of the strict diets.

For his diet, Jimin said that he ate only one meal per day for 10 days daily. It didn’t end over here, he drank lots of water throughout the day and during the diet, he spent more hours at dance practice. The diet was very strict at the same time. He often refused to eat when other BTS members asked him to eat something.

Jimin said during the practice of blood sweat and tears, he didn’t like his reflection in the mirror. The song has a sexy concept, and Jimin thought that his chubby look will not look good in the song. At that time, Jin, Jungkook, and V were known to have visuals, but Jimin decided he should also be part of visuals and become a new visual. He wanted to get rid of his chubby looks.

Several times, Jimin became faint because his body didn’t get enough energy from one meal. He also used to follow another diet plan, such as consuming two chicken breasts per day for a year. Because of his extreme diet, he was not only getting faint, but he experienced malnutrition.

Due to extreme diet, Jimin’s body had to face various bad effects. However, there are some people that have tried Jimin’s diet and they successfully lost their weight, although it was risky. Therefore, if you want to try this diet, then make sure to get a consultation from your doctor first and manage methods according to your body needs.

What Experts Say?

Studies show that if you make yourself hungry for weight loss, then it can lead to negative side effects on your body. According to experts, for a healthy body, you must stick to a healthy diet, exercise daily, and get enough sleep. In addition to this, you should drink lots of water throughout the day.

BTS Jungkook Diet Plan

Not only Jimin, but Jungkook is also very conscious about his looks. He also wants to keep himself in shape, so he follows an extreme diet. According to the reports, he eats one full meal a day. Even though the k-pop idol loves donuts and topokki, but he used to smell them and keep the lid back on the pan without eating. He is extremely self-conscious about his body and doesn’t want to gain extra pounds at all.

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The BTS member shared that self-control and the wish to reduce weight are actually important factors of his diet plan. He mostly eats food that is low in calories and carbohydrates and eats more salad. He avoids eating oily and fatty food as much as he can because he believes that it can make him gain extra pounds. To improve digestion, he drinks fruit juice every morning.

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