All You Need to Know About Amul Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is packed with nutrients and serves you plenty of health benefits. Many times question arises, whether dark chocolates are good for health or not. When it comes to Amul dark chocolate, you can rely on the brand. Dark chocolate contains less sugar, less fat, and zero calories. In Amul dark chocolate with zero calories 50% cocoa, fat, and sugar is less than any white or milk chocolate. Before moving further, you must know what exactly dark chocolate is:

What is Amul Dark Chocolate?

Amul is a brand name that offers various products. Amul also makes dark chocolates that are made with high-quality ingredients and delicious cocoa. With the help of top-class refining, the finest particle size is achieved that helps in giving you the best texture and taste of dark chocolate.

Amul is currently sourcing cocoa from 7 countries, including Venezuela, Peru, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Columbia, Madagascar, and Ecuador, and offers a huge range of dark chocolate from these countries.

Amul Sugar Free Dark Chocolate

Amul sugar free dark chocolate contains 55% cocoa with no-added-sugar and milk. Because it doesn’t contain milk, so its color is dark and no-added-sugar makes it sugar-free chocolate.

The sugar substitute that is used in chocolate is maltitol that tastes like sugar. It takes time to digest and maximize insulin and sugar levels in the body slower than sugar. But, it is still a carbohydrate, so consume it within the limit. The presence of maltitol sometimes causes diarrhea in some people, but when you over consume it.

As Amul sugar free dark chocolate is available in the market and has no added sugar, so it is the best option for diabetic patients. And it is a 100% vegetarian option. Apart from this, it also serves you skin-related benefits.

When it comes to taste, Amul sugar free dark chocolate tastes good. It is not bitter because of added sugar substitute. Sugar-free Amul dark chocolate price is Rs. 125 for 100g.

Amul Dark Chocolate Nutritional Value

  • Amul dark chocolate calories: 557
  • Total fat: 33.7 g
  • Saturated fat: 20.4 g
  • Total carbohydrates: 57.3 g
  • Added sugar: 43.0 g
  • Protein: 6.0 g

Comparison between Amul Dark Chocolate and Cadbury Bournville

  Amul Dark Chocolate Cadbury Bournville
Net weight 150 gm 80 gm
Best before 12 months 9 months
Cocoa % claimed 55 50
Manufactured by Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd Mondelez India Foods Pvt. Ltd
Total fat 10.41 11.9
Sugar (Sucrose) 7.64 7.58
Moisture content 4.7 4.75

Amul Dark Chocolate Ingredients

Take a closer look at Amul dark chocolate ingredients:

  • Sugar
  • Cocoa solids
  • Permitted Emulsifiers (E322, E476)
  • Added flavors (artificial flavoring substances- cocoa and vanilla)

Cocoa in chocolates contains anti-oxidants, calcium, iron, and other minerals apart from its bitter taste. Chocolates come in balls, bars, and handmade pieces also. Amul dark chocolate price is Rs.100, and you can even buy it online.

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Is Amul Dark Chocolate Good for Weight Loss?

Everyone knows dark chocolate is good for the skin. The flavonols are present in dark chocolates that help protect the skin from sun damage by increasing blood flow to the skin and absorbing UV. Many times, people ask, ‘Can dark chocolate help lose weight’ well, yes, consuming dark chocolate can reduce weight.

Even studies show that eating chocolate can lessen the craving for fatty foods, salty and sweet as a result, you keep your weight down.

Amul sugar-free dark chocolate contains artificial sweeteners that can have laxative effects on your body. Decades ago in India, there were Amul Milk Chocolates, and now Amul sugar-free dark chocolate reminds Amul milk chocolate.

Cocoa in dark chocolate has antioxidants that may offer you several health benefits. Dark chocolate is packed with minerals, such as magnesium, iron, and zinc. However, keep one thing in your mind, only eating chocolate won’t reduce your weight, but with this, you must exercise and add other nutrient-rich food to your daily diet.

Chocolates come from cocoa beans that are fermented seeds from cocoa trees. In raw, dark chocolate and cocoa are loaded with antioxidants, same as blueberries and acai berries.

Cocoa powder is good to enhance fat metabolism and maximize energy, and you can eat it for weight loss. If you want to use cocoa powder to burn fat, then ensure to purchase good quality and organic brand that has no added sugar in it.

Amul 99% Cacao Chocolate

Another variety of Amul dark chocolate is Amul 99% cacao chocolate that is made from original cocoa. It doesn’t contain any added sugar that can increase blood sugar levels in the body. It guarantees you 100% dark chocolate variety. It is very delicious. As compared to other Amul dark chocolates, it has much bitterness. It doesn’t contain any unhealthy vegetable oils or milk solids.

In a nutshell, Amul dark chocolate has various advantages, but make sure to consume it within the limit.

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